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The Ecstasies of Mary Magdalene and Other Female Mystics


GBP £ 55.00

The Ecstasies of Mary Magdalene and Other Female Mystics

A Special Intensive Program for the Wildfire Apostolic Wisdom of Humankind


November 13th -21st, 2022

The Grail is not only an object, journey or romance, but also a Mother-to-Daughter Mystery whose time is now Ripe with Potential.

Mary Magdalene was not mourning the loss of her beloved and penitent over her earlier prostitute life in ‘that’ cave. Oh no! She was knitting the Light of the Resurrected Christ to the cells of her body in ‘that’ cave. This is the Birth of the Grail.

Women throughout the centuries have sought direct communion with the ineffable through their own bodies—through the practices of extreme asceticism, meditation, prayer, and the recreation of the sufferings of Christ within their own flesh. The visions they experienced during their numerous ecstasies granted them spiritual authority at a time when women had little, and their contributions to the mystical tradition are immense and undeniable.

Denied access to engagement in scriptural interpretation and philosophical studies, they sought their own way to Ecstasies of Divine Union.

Beginning on the 7th of November, join me for 13 nights as we come to know and feel the Ecstasies of 13 Female Mystics. Not only do we ‘reveal’ their practices but fully enter ourselves wholeheartedly!

I am SO looking forward to sharing this with YOU.

Join us for a 13-day special program, starting Monday, the 13th of November, to remember the healing powers stored in our inner and outer Ecstasy and to hold and amplify the Light Field of Creation on Earth! We call on all men and women to connect with us to ACTIVATE A LEAP IN CONSCIOUSNESS in the human population. Together we will create a global field assisting the elevation of humanity to its original Divine Human Status.


Mary Magdalene, who holds a field of Remembrance and Sophia Christ Consciousness, as well as the mystics, saints and Holy Ones of the Gnostic Tradition, will be assisting to make this programme serve the evolution of humanity. Over a period of 13 days, I will be sharing my understanding of a new perspective framework, in which participants are invited to understand & innerstand themselves as the Wildfire Apostolic Wisdom of Humankind.


This is for anyone who is called to the above themes and feels in resonance with the invitation.


This programme is a unique offering from The White Rose Mystery School and includes pre-recorded and live meditation transmissions, a healing journey to the Order of the Dove with teachings on Ecstasy, written materials for contemplation, and a final gathering for participants to share their experiences during the 13-day process.

In this program, we will share our latest understanding of the following topics:

  • Wildfire of Apostolic Wisdom

  • Ecstasy as Spiritual Nourishment

  • Passion as Purpose

  • Inner Ecstasy & Outer Ecstasy

  • Using our Longing and Rapture as Healing

  • Sublimating the Human System through DNA Activation & Restructuring

  • Elevating Ourselves to Divine Status


The live version of this programme starts on November the 13th at 8 pm CET

  • DAY 1 – Video Introduction to the White Rose Mystery School Tradition + Meditation

  • DAY 2 – Video #1: Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene

  • DAY 3 – Video #2: Ecstasy of Catherine of Siena

  • DAY4 – Video #3: Ecstasy of Teresa of Avila

  • DAY 5 – Video #4: Ecstasy of Mechtild of Magdeburg

  • DAY 6 – Video #5: Ecstasy of Julian of Norwich

  • DAY 7 – Video #6: Ecstasy of Clare of Assisi

  • DAY 8 – Video #7 Ecstasy of Hildegard of Bingen

  • DAY 9 – Video #8: Ecstasy of Marguerite Porete

  • DAY 10 – Video #9:  Ecstasy of Hadewijch of Brabant

  • DAY 11 – Video #10: Ecstasy of Angela of Foligno

  • DAY 12 – Video #11: Ecstasy of Rose of Lima

  • DAY 13 – Video #12: Ecstasy of Beatrice of Nazareth

*Those who would like to do this programme over a longer time are welcome, as the program is designed to be flexible.


If you can’t make it for the LIVE Zoom meetings, it is not a problem! We will record these sessions, and you will receive them within 48 hours.


You will need a (free) ZOOM account to participate in these meetings. Upon registering, participants agree that the LIVE Zoom meetings are recorded, allowing those unable to attend in real-time to view the recording later. Participants wishing to stay anonymous in the ZOOM calls are free to do so.


Price: £55

The number of places is limited.

You are wholeheartedly invited to join us for this online program! Participate consciously – individually and collectively – to transform our contracted belief systems in order to restore our memory of life as Divine Creator Beings living in an Earth Paradise!

Invite anyone you feel should be here to join us for these 13-days!

In All My Truth,

Aletheia Pistis Sophia

White Rose Mystery School
Order of the Dove
For Wisdom and Truth As it was in the Beginning, Is Now, and Shall Be Forever More.


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