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The (G)odyssey: Taking the Heroine’s Journey


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The (G)odyssey: Taking the Heroine’s Journey

The (G)odyssey: Taking the Heroine’s Journey

The Heroine's Journey is a woman's mythical quest to heal the deep wounding of our feminine nature in the search for wholeness.

Based on The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock, Anaiya reveals her own way through the process and the many recognisable trails and initiations along the way. This includes the descent into the underworld, the healing of the mother/daughter split, spiritual aridity and the complete obliteration of romantic love.

Sound familiar?

We will explore each stage of the journey and look at the myths that shed light on these archetypal experiences:

  • Separation from the Feminine, in which a woman searches for an identity in a masculine-defined culture.
  • The Road of Trials, in which she challenges the myths of female inferiority, dependency, and romantic love.
  • Spiritual Aridity, a feeling of having lost herself in her struggle for achievement.
  • Initiation and Descent, a period of drawing inward and looking for the lost pieces of herself.
  • Urgent yearning to reconnect with the Feminine and heal the Mother-Daughter Split.
  • Integrating and healing the wounded parts of her inner Masculine.
  • The Sacred Marriage, which occurs as she learns to integrate and balance all aspects of herself.

This live call shall also be recorded and sent out via email shortly afterwards.


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