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Sophia of Mary: Wisdom of Radiance At This Time


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Sophia of Mary:  Wisdom of Radiance At This Time

A 7 Week Initiatory Transmission with Anaiya

The Sophia of Mary, translates as the Wisdom of Radiance.

Sophia is a word for Wisdom, whereas Mar-Re-Yah, is the Aramaic word for Radiance, or Light. 

Join Anaiya for a 7 Week Initiatory Transmission into the Wisdom of Radiance at this time. In these last days there have been some changes in the outer world, and thereby some reflective changes in regards to this journey together. This second journey will be speaking into our current world crisis and giving force to the deities involved in this chaos. In other words we will be will looking at and into the Mythos of this Moment. 

This magnum opus will touch upon our next steps and awaken the guts that is so needed at this time.  It is as if Pandora's box has been opened and what seems like a plague has been unleashed upon the earth. Because dearest friends in many respects it has.  And there is much comfort and honesty to be had if we view it this way. My taking the 'mind' out of our crisis, and viewing through the wider lens of the soul, we will be comforted. Not Molly-coddled, but comforted in a sober and mystical way. 

This seven-week online journey will be live and recorded.  It is strongly advisable to treat this time as a Pilgrimage at home, as this high-level material will have an energetic effect upon the body, as a lasting illumination.


By knowing what Mary knew, and living with eyes and ears wide open - we too, shall not fear death. 


These seven Oral Teachings will have many depths to them. It is time, beloved friends, to take this next step. To ramp up the Light within our minds as we open to true illumination. I am profoundly at your service as we journey together into this exceptional material and medicine. 




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