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The Mary's Path II: 9 Petals of the White Rose


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The Mary's Path II: 9 Petals of the White Rose

December 7, 2021 - 7pm CET

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46 days, 17 hours & 12 minutes

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A 9 Week Initiatory Transmission with Anaiya

The Mysteries (secrets) of Mary Magdalene continue to emanate long after the wild awakening of the first series.  This second journey reveals the three scrolls she carried to France and how there is more than just one Grail. Every Apostle of Mary had their own Grail, their own Chalice of Wisdom, which has been energetically silenced and placed within a repository deep within the Earth's Mountains and Desert's.
This Oral teaching will be faithful to the discovery of your Grail and the illumination required to retreive it. 

This magnum opus will include references to the past, providing heightened inspiration in the present, thereby opening a  path for others in the future. Many of us are reaching our spiritual goals and receiving initiation far more frequent today.  We are ready for our next steps and to awaken our new Spiritual enticement.  We must go from glory to glory on the divine way and from revelation to revelation, as the fullness of what is attainable comes to land in the body at full blaze.  Mary Magdalene is the keeper of three 'books', the Consecration of the Light, the Book of the Order, and the Book of Invocation.  Together, they form the Mystery of the White Rose, an emanation she deposited in the French Pyrenees, which is stirring now.  This nine-petalled initiation will prepare us for 2022.  HER year of Arrival. Not as Mary Magdalene, but as the Virgin of the World. 

This nine-week online journey will be live and recorded.  It is strongly advisable to treat this time as a Pilgrimage at home, as this  high-level material will have an energetic effect upon the body, as a lasting illumination 

Our journey will be broken into nine parts:

  • The End is at the Beginning 
  • Fragrances of Awakening 
  • Dragon Guardian of the Grail 
  • Consecration of the Light 
  • Keeper of the Order 
  • Book of Invocations
  • White Rose Mystery School 
  • Awakening the Womb of the Grail 
  • Virgin of the World 


These nine Oral Teachings will have many depths to them. You might want to ask yourself before joining: Am I ready to enter the Seventh Heaven and peer into the Mystery just a little bit deeper? Do I feel prepared to join a genuine Mystery School and earmark these seven weeks as a Sacred Quest? Are you ready to declare yourself as your own Priest/Priestess? 

It is time, beloved friends, to take this next step. To ramp up the Light within our minds as we open to true illumination. 

I am profoundly at your service as we journey together into this exceptional material and medicine. 


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