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Spring Rosary Crusade - 13 Days Free



Spring Rosary Crusade - 13 Days Free

Spring Rosary Crusade - 13 Days Free

Join me for a 13-day Vision Quest of Praying the Rosary in a way that comes straight from my heart. Beginning on the Spring Equinox we will pray original Aramaic prayers from the early Christians, as we weave the mysteries of the Sophia tradition alongside 13th C Cathar prayers from the Order of St. Esclarmonde.

Our hour together will have an over-lighting theme for each day. We shall be using half the time for Marian/Sophia stories and the remainder for prayer. Let's be open to the resurgence of this ancient practise, as we will no doubt be lead deeper to the Holy Mother for this time.

I can remember the prayers and mysteries of a past age when forests were the only cathedrals, and people would stand barefoot upon the ground as a form of worship. This almost forgotten faith which does not seek recognition or permission from any other source invites you for thirteen days to take refuge, and wait for Our Lady to appear.

Please note: Onle days 1 &2 are available by recording. For a full series, please see Praying the Sophia Rosary here.


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