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The Voice of the Men-O-Pause

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The Voice of the Men-O-Pause

December 30, 2018 - 9PM CET

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13 days, 16 hours & 30 minutes

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The Voice of the Men-O-Pause

Beloved Friends, let this elixir of everything you need to hear, everything you need to feel and everything you need to know to be bestowed upon you.  For I am now fully in the eye of this wild and ferocious storm and am staggered at how no one is speaking of this incredible initiation that claims every woman.  And so, to that – I shall speak.  For I have plenty to say, and it’s not ‘information’ but ‘initiation’. 

I have the Voice of Men-O-Pause wishing to speak and blaze this wisdom across all time and space to reach our dry and parched heart’s.  It has been too long that we have been separated from the fires of transformation that are gifted to us in great abundance during this time.

This talk is not just for Women in menopause, but also for her companions and for all women, for this shall surely claim you.  Even the ladies that are thoroughly out the other end – perhaps you feel called to reminisce and perhaps collect some pieces of yourself that may have laid scattered to the wind.


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