Unveiling the Inner Circle. Part II



Unveiling the Inner Circle.  Part II

Unveiling the Inner Circle. Part II

Join Anaiya and Pete on this FREE call to shine light upon the workings and mechanics within the Inner Circle of many well-known spiritual communities. 

  • Anaiya will share her experiences of being groomed for an Inner Circle and her co-creation of birthing one! She will also be revealing the topic of the Stockholm Syndrome (falling in love with your abuser and imagining you can save them).
  • Pete will reveal the methodology of false guru and inner circle and how they work together to gas-light by disarming and undermining your own ingertity. 

All in all, this will be revealing, informative and maybe even a little bit joyful. For sure we carry the intention of bringing Light to the dark places in our own communities and within ourselves.  It's time to see this now beloved friends, to inform one another and to not feel so alone and isolated.  Its all part of great wave of transformation coming our way! 


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