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Womb Awareness: The New Predator. Part I



Womb Awareness: The New Predator. Part I

Womb Awareness: The New Predator. Part I

The New Predator topic has been long awaited and is something that needs to be disclosed because of its extreme lethality, toxicity and spiritual danger. In some respects, the New Predator has qualities of a classic Dark Side of Cupid - (Eve Lorgen), “alien love bite” dynamic, but presents with more “fallen angel” characteristics". Usually these New Predator's are men (and some women), who seek out the opening, creative spirit held in the womb space for their own gain. It’s time to name the elephant in the room, and encourage women back into their own seat of sovereign power.

This FREE talk is dedicated on how to heal from sexual and physic attachments/cords/debris in the womb space from predatory past/present lovers. This talk will speak to the many ways we can get coerced into these situations and the emotional traumas and weak-spots that attribute to this. At the end of this talk I will share the process I took to disentangle myself from such a character.

Recommended Reading/Watching:

  1. The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power by Joel Kramer ​
  2. Gaslighting – How A Narcissist Destroys You By Eroding Your Sanity
  3. The psychology of narcissism - W. Keith Campbell ​ Ted Ed​

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