Come Out of the Dualistic Mind

The Sacred Breath takes us back to the Heart....


The Sacred is Waiting to Rise Within You

The Sacred Feminine energy is not just within women...


Meet The Magdalene Teachers: Anaiya Sophia

I can only describe last nights zoom meeting with Anaiya Sophia as magical!  Deep thanks to her, and thank you so much for being part of this circle. Below…


Sacred Divine Union Bond Episode #5 with Anaiya & Pete

Divine Perfection & post Anniversary Excitement plus the flow of Magic with Anaiya and Pete


Infusions of Light Podcast

Infusions of Light Podcast "The Light of the World" with Author, Mystic, and Storyteller Anaiya Sophia and host Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy A really sensitive and moving conversation where we…


Spiritually Inspired with Anaiya Sophia, mystic, storyteller, and author

Anaiya Sophia is a Mystic, Storyteller and Author of Revelatory Wisdom. She teaches workshops throughout the world and is best known for the creation of Sacred Body Awakening, a practise…


Return of the Sacred Virgin Priestess

with Anaiya Sophia, Ckiara Rose and Tina Heals. The original whore was a priestess, the conduit to the divine, through whose body one entered the sacred arena and was restored.…


The Cathar Prophecy: Hosted by 11:11

Fascinated by Mary Magdalene, and wondering who the Cathars are? Join Inês Cerqueira and Anaiya Sophia and be inspired by Mary Magdalene and see her represented as a woman of…


Fierce Feminine Rising

Offering much-needed perspective, advice, and tools for channeling the righteous energy and Sacred Rage of the Divine Feminine, Anaiya Sophia talks in this video, hosted by Banyen Books & Sound…


Born Ready/Afraid to Die

Dearest Friends, as we go through this Global Crisis, brought about by the sudden appearance of Coronavirus - here is a meditation that I am doing. It's a Sacred Marriage…



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