9 Nights of the Goddess Rising

Watch Anaiya talk with Achintya Devi during this top summit.


Ending Relationships

Spoon of Consciousness podcast with Anaiya


Alpha Female Summit

La Belle Intelligence interviews Anaiya Pistis Sophia​, an Independent Mystic of an almost Forgotten Faith. Keeper of an Oral Tradition, author of 6 books and Kundalini Yoga teacher.

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A Creation Myth seen and spoken by Feminine Wisdom

Hear a different version of the Creation Myth, as spoken and seen through the eyes and ears of the Feminine. This is the version the patriarchy did not want you…


The (S)Mother Wound

Anaiya and Pete speak about this aspect of the Mother Wound. Excessive talking, excessive fussing, not listening, infiltrating boundaries, manipulation, victim, complaining, sickly sweetness, glopping, sticky and dam right YUCK…


Embody Interview Series

Hemalayaa interviews Anaiya Sophia as part of the Embody, interview series: igniting the fierce courage to step into the fullest expression of self, so life becomes deliciously meaningful.


Temple Body Arts with Sofiah Thom and Anaiya Sophia

Watch the interview between Sofiah and Anaiya as thousands of women around the world came together on 2nd August 2017 to awaken, empower and express their unique essence. Discover for…


Opening the Temple Doors

There will come a time when those of us who carry the "Temple Codes" will have to stand proud and dignified of what we represent. In the face of possible…


Synchronicity and Magic Summit

Anaiya shares the importance of healing the body. Stepping past the limitations of shame, guilt, discomfort, awkwardness, avoidance...To become Temple's of Sacred Feminine Presence - we must claim our…


Menopause, andropause, relationships and transitions

Sick of walking on eggshells in a controlling relationship?


Kundalini Yoga

Access your Inner Marriage... a complete equilibrium between your masculine drive and your feminine depth, your transcendent soul and fully anchored body. 



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