I AM Goddess Collective: Mary Magdalene

Check out my episode on the I AM GODDESS COLLECTIVE where I talk about Julian of Norwich (English Christian Mystic)  Mary Magdalene, Anne Baring, (UK author, scholar and mystic) And…


I AM Goddess Collective: Rise of the Divine Feminine

I AM Goddess Collective Podcast presents Episode 124: The Rise of The Fierce Feminine with Anaiya Sophia


Myths of Menopause

Wild Women Rising: Myths of Menopause - with Joycelyn Daher


Woman Untamed

Today we welcome Anaiya Sophia, Myrrhophore (mistress of sacred oils), Mystic and Author of transmissive wisdom, to the show for an enchanting conversation on initiation and the current feminine rising.…


Rise of the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine shall birth the Sacred Masculine. But first, she must expel all Toxic Masculinity from within her field thereby making way for the true Sacred Masculine to emerge.…


Reclaiming The Sanctity Of The Body & Relationships

Anaiya and Pete talk with Anya Sagan in a raw, unedited, vital conversation about our sexuality and our roles as partners and as people in these tumultuous and changing times.


Menopause: Wake-Up-Wednesdays

with Honeybee Henderson and Anaiya Sophia


A Taste of Menopause

Catch up with Anaiya and Pete's reflections on Menopause. They want to open up the subject and be honest and brave with the journey. Anaiya has been writing articles about…


The Magdalene Voices

Mariaestela joining in Sacred Conversation with Anaiya Sophia and have her share her many years of wisdom, experience and intuitive knowledge was such a profound blessing.


Martyr or Muse:  Which One Dominates Our Sacred Sexual Expression?

Join Pete and Anaiya as they discuss with Betsy Huljev how the MARTYR Archetype Sabotages Sacred Sexual Expression & Why the MUSE Archetype ALWAYS Rebirths LIFE Anew. Includes to Orgasm…


Modern Goddess Lifestyle

Allie McFee and Anaiya have an orgasmic, wonderful, delightful conversation of all things feminine... yum!


Anaiya Sophia secret interview

for Feminine Archetype Summit



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