AFTER: The Log Cabin. One Month Vision Quest

Anaiya and Pete are back from a month long vision quest in a log cabin high up in the Pyrenees. No electricity, no running water, outside toilet, no neighbours and…


The Log Cabin: One Month Vision Quest

Anaiya and Pete are going off grid for one month in a log cabin high up in the Pyrenees. No electricity, outside toilet, no neighbours and no time references.... And…


The Soulful Self Care Series

Join Kimberly & Anaiya as they discuss a 'non-eventful sex life' and why its (usually) just part of an internal process plus much more!


Bitchin and Bitin at One Another

Anaiya, Pete and their Pack discuss the point scoring tactics of arguing ... and why there are no winners.


Reclaiming your Inner Goddess: Meredith Volker & Anaiya Sophia

Enjoy this new video from Anaiya Sophia. Topics include how she met Pete, calling in the Beloved, Sacred Rage, the Path of Impeccability and the essential message of the Sacred…


Resurrecting the Voice of the Rising Feminine.

Christina Korpik and Anaiya Sophia revel in a charged conversation about the attributes of the Fierce Feminine and how her voice must be spoken. This video is part of the…


9 Nights of the Goddess Rising

As a global sisterhood on the planet at this time, WE are being called to RISE in our Leadership to BE the Goddess as embodiments of Peace, Justice, Equality, Beauty,…


Ending Relationships

Spoon of Consciousness podcast with Anaiya


Alpha Female Summit

La Belle Intelligence interviews Anaiya Pistis Sophia​, an Independent Mystic of an almost Forgotten Faith. Keeper of an Oral Tradition, author of 6 books and Kundalini Yoga teacher.


The Power and Permission to Speak up as a Woman

From the Blossoming Women Webinar Series. In this one Marya meets with Anayia Sophia. Because of a technical problem in the beginning, please forward to 6min 44s.


A Creation Myth seen and spoken by Feminine Wisdom

Hear a different version of the Creation Myth, as spoken and seen through the eyes and ears of the Feminine. This is the version the patriarchy did not want you…


The (S)Mother Wound

Anaiya and Pete speak about this aspect of the Mother Wound. Excessive talking, excessive fussing, not listening, infiltrating boundaries, manipulation, victim, complaining, sickly sweetness, glopping, sticky and dam right YUCK…



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