Return of the Sacred Virgin Priestess

with Anaiya Sophia, Ckiara Rose and Tina Heals.

The original whore was a priestess, the conduit to the divine, through whose body one entered the sacred arena and was restored. Warriors, soldiers, soiled by combat within the world of men, came to the Holy Prostitute, the Quedishtu, literally meaning the undefiled one, in order to be cleansed and reunited with the gods. The sexual act was where this re-union could take place with pleasure and prayer as the essential attributes that appeased the gods. Originally, these women, the holy prostitutes were known as being a doorway to God.
What was the impact of the suppression of the Holy Prostitute?

Many of the practices that honoured the 'way of the woman' ceased. The Eleusinian mysteries, which had provided immortality, were suppressed; procreation was infused with anxiety and guilt while joyful fertility festivals which had provided a link between earth and spirit were condemned.

When the priests separated the body from the gods, they separated God from nature and thereby created the mind/body split. The world was secularised. We can only speculate as to the consequences, though we must assume there were consequences when men returned from war without the ability to clean the blood from their hands when the physical, quotidian community between the gods and the people was not reconvened.

It was not only the sacred prostitutes that were exiled but also the gods. Perhaps the world as we have come to know it, impersonal, abstract, detached, brutish, was engendered in that division. In a sacred universe, the prostitute is a holy woman, a woman whose love, kindness and sensuality restores, redeems and rebirths.

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