Temple of SOPHIA: The Wound of Separation and its Gift of Humility

Anaiya shares the fourth wound to Christ Consciousness: Separation and its invitation to serve towards Humility.

Let us use these coming days to see where are choosing to withdraw, pull back, dis-connect and sever emotional ties with another. Look out for the Ice Queen, Tyrant, Manipulator, Bitch and Evil Step-Mother archetypes... take a breath beloved ladies and turn instead towards humility, emotional connection and care...

Beloved Ladies I feel inspired to share with you the importance of our humility being witnessed (Separation & Humility) this week. I invite us all (me included) to write real letters to our outstanding adversaries and really laying it out on the table our true and raw feelings.... and then the serve towards humility. Whether we send these letters or not, is a different matter, for a different time. But for now - let us write. And then either type into the forum or record audio/video (be sure to make it secret and not public).

This is a Shamanic Process (the letter writing)... but the humility piece is the cutting edge thin line of authentically entering the Sacred Heart Technology. To share is the New Ground.... To speak it - is the Mystery of Her Grace. Once again, beloved ladies.... let us be willing to take these adult feelings all the way back to Conception Point (the precise moment we encountered them for the first time - most likely childhood), and allow the child aspect of us to speak, sound, breathe....Live.


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