Womb Illumination with Shona Keeli Jones & Anaiya Sophia

Shona and Anaiya discuss the ancient Temple Practise of "Taking The War Out Of Man” and how we as women must bravely step into the art of 'taking the whore…


The Sacred Embrace

Anaiya shares a powerful practise taken from the Gospel of Philip, known as the Sacred Embrace. It is said "Neither man nor woman alone is created in the image of God.…


F**k Romance: Daring to go Deeper

Join Anaiya Sophia & Pete Wilson on an interactive 13-week process for people who want to connect at every level with their partner and are Ready, Willing and Able to…


The Kiss

Anaiya Sophia talks about how to EMBODY the Sacred Kiss, the Nashakh - the Kiss of your Soul. The word "Nashakh" is an ancient Hebrew word found in the Old…


An introduction to Anaiya's new book, Sacred Sexual Union

Asking the most important question – What is Sacred Union and how do we start taking steps towards it?


Meeting Your Match

Old Paradigm Relationship - in the beginning... Lots of Sex/Lust, Impressing, Thrilling, Being Wild, Material Gifts, Falling in Love. UNTIL you exhaust yourself and the other and it ends. New…


A Prayer before Union

Anaiya shares a powerful prayer that protects the "Bridal Chamber" from all forms sexual shadow, body and sex hatred, shut down and resistance, so when the two of you enter…



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