The Rose Knight - Chapter One

Spoken by the author, Anaiya Sophia


Meeting Your Match

Old Paradigm Relationship - in the beginning... Lots of Sex/Lust, Impressing, Thrilling, Being Wild, Material Gifts, Falling in Love. UNTIL you exhaust yourself and the other and it ends. New…


A Prayer before Union

Anaiya shares a powerful prayer that protects the "Bridal Chamber" from all forms sexual shadow, body and sex hatred, shut down and resistance, so when the two of you enter…


Welcome to the Temple of Aphrodite

Beloved Friends, I am sure you have heard me speaking about "Taking The War Out Of Men" and the "ReBirth of the Temple". Well, my soul has finally had Her…


Meeting The Three Marys: Tantric, Virgin, Mystic

Come to experience Mary in all her aspects as the fullness of the Great Divine Mother. There is no surprise how the Christed story contains these three aspects of…


Surrendering & Stabilising

Anaiya learns to trust again.... and Pete finds his solid ground. This video snippet highlights the importance of authentically embodying the energies you wish/need to grow into... Anaiya has no…


Opening To Intimacy

Anaiya & Pete drop into Sacred Touch and begin to love one another with all of their bodies !


The Beginning.... Taking the War Out Of Man

Anaiya & Pete demonstrate the very delicate beginnings of setting the energetic template to take a dive into deeper trust and connection. The Womb of Woman, and the Protective Pillar…


Facing The Mother of All Fears: Men Entering The Temple (!)

O Beloved friends ... the threshold of this fear seems to be approaching... the moment when not only a man, but my beloved Pete - enters the temple... am I whole…


Knowing when to STOP...

A lil video snippet of the process Anaiya went through as she grappled with knowing that a part of her life was complete, and worrying how she would survive to…


Sacred Gateways to Intimacy

Anaiya and Pete share their Daring to go Deeper couples work on how to create the bridge that is desperately needed to transition us from 'not having sex' to devoted…



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