Temple of SOPHIA: The Mystery of the Madonna - Immaculate Conception

Revelation: Perhaps the glorious Divine Being that Mary met when she was 12 years old in Nazareth - as that young girl who said YES to the Revelation was her…


Temple of SOPHIA: The Choice Point

As the Work continues (as 'any' work) - we have to ask ourselves a rock bottom honest question... Am I genuinely saying YES to this?...and if its a No..…


Wanting To Open Beyond The Glass Doors

Anaiya and Pete ask the question - does Sacred Body Awakening appeal to Men?


Temple of SOPHIA: The Wound of Separation and its Gift of Humility

Anaiya shares the fourth wound to Christ Consciousness: Separation and its invitation to serve towards Humility. Let us use these coming days to see where are choosing to withdraw, pull…



Pete & Anaiya climb one of France's sacred mountains - Mount Bugarach - and turn into human conducting rods! A Great Vid if thinking of coming on one of their…


Temple of SOPHIA: Washing Your Hands of Judgment

Anaiya shares the third wound to Christ Consciousness: Judgment and encourages us to 'wash clean' by forgiving, and 'come clean' by confession. Judgment goes three ways. It poisons the self…


Temple of SOPHIA: The Confessional Chamber

Let us Rebirth the Ritual of Confession - an Age Old Tradition that really works. It takes bravery and humility to open up - and once we do - that;s…


Temple of SOPHIA: Denial Of The Sexual Self

Anaiya shares a Prayer for the Temple at the Source of Mary Magdalene's Salty Spring in Southern France - a place that leads to her Baptismal Font.


The Temple of SOPHIA: Denial & Truth

Anaiya shares the second wound to Christ Consciousness: Denial and encourages our gloriously sexy ability to tell the Truth. Let us be outrageously Truth Full. Let us prowl for Denial…


Question To Anaiya? What Do I Now That I Have Moved Beyond 'Sex?"

Anaiya shares how she channelled her sexual energy into her spiritual deepening... Performing, Dancing, Poetry, Dressing Up, Kundalini Yoga, Sadhana.... and when someone shows up and they are 'obviously' not…


Meeting The Three Mary's: Tantric, Virgin, Mystic

Come to experience Mary in all her aspects as the fullness of the Great Divine Mother. There is no surprise how the Christed story contains these three aspects of the…



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