Sacred Body Awakening: HIS Re-Membering with Pete Wilson

Pete shares his journey through Sacred Body Awakening and how he feels Men could benefit ....


Sacred Body Awakening: HER Re-Membering of HIS Re-Membering

Anaiya shares how it was for her to approach, accept and allow the transmission of the Sacred Body to be moved through Pete in the constellation of 3. A true…


The Temple of SOPHIA: The Entire Vision Encoded 888

Anaiya shares her whole vision for The Temple of SOPHIA. Step ONE: HER Re-Membering of the Temple and Healing the Feminine Wound amongst Sisters... Step TWO: HIS Re-Membering of the…


Masquerade: Will you or Won't you reveal the True Face?

Anaiya & Pete in the bath discussing how its only a matter of time before the masks start to peel off and crack. Will you or won't you reveal the…


Temple of SOPHIA: The Mystery of the Madonna - Immaculate Conception

Revelation: Perhaps the glorious Divine Being that Mary met when she was 12 years old in Nazareth - as that young girl who said YES to the Revelation was her…


Temple of SOPHIA: The Choice Point

As the Work continues (as 'any' work) - we have to ask ourselves a rock bottom honest question... Am I genuinely saying YES to this?...and if its a No..…


Wanting To Open Beyond The Glass Doors

Anaiya and Pete ask the question - does Sacred Body Awakening appeal to Men?


Temple of SOPHIA: The Wound of Separation and its Gift of Humility

Anaiya shares the fourth wound to Christ Consciousness: Separation and its invitation to serve towards Humility. Let us use these coming days to see where are choosing to withdraw, pull…



Pete & Anaiya climb one of France's sacred mountains - Mount Bugarach - and turn into human conducting rods! A Great Vid if thinking of coming on one of their…


Temple of SOPHIA: Washing Your Hands of Judgment

Anaiya shares the third wound to Christ Consciousness: Judgment and encourages us to 'wash clean' by forgiving, and 'come clean' by confession. Judgment goes three ways. It poisons the self…


Temple of SOPHIA: The Confessional Chamber

Let us Rebirth the Ritual of Confession - an Age Old Tradition that really works. It takes bravery and humility to open up - and once we do - that;s…



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