Temple of SOPHIA: The Grail Quest

The Grail Quest ... is the journey we are on. A Path of Re-Membering that takes us beyond everything we ever imagined about ourselves to be...


Sacred Marriage Ceremony: Speaking the Vows

Anaiya and Pete speak their Sacred Marriage Vows and sign their Oath of Union.... Come and Join Us We do these Sacred Marriage Ceremonies every Solstice and Equinox


The Temple of SOPHIA: The Virgin Descends

September Beckons Us into Full Alignment. Loved back into wholeness, presence and full attendance. SOPHIA is orchestrating every doubt, distrust and division to become known, attuned to, and happily allowed... …


The Dark Side of Love

Anaiya & Pete discover The Gene Keys. The Bible of Relational Mechanics and a guide to Shadow Genetics and their Sacred Gifts ! x


Sacred Body Awakening: HIS Re-Membering with Pete Wilson

Pete shares his journey through Sacred Body Awakening and how he feels Men could benefit ....


Sacred Body Awakening: HER Re-Membering of HIS Re-Membering

Anaiya shares how it was for her to approach, accept and allow the transmission of the Sacred Body to be moved through Pete in the constellation of 3. A true…


The Temple of SOPHIA: The Entire Vision Encoded 888

Anaiya shares her whole vision for The Temple of SOPHIA. Step ONE: HER Re-Membering of the Temple and Healing the Feminine Wound amongst Sisters... Step TWO: HIS Re-Membering of the…


Masquerade: Will you or Won't you reveal the True Face?

Anaiya & Pete in the bath discussing how its only a matter of time before the masks start to peel off and crack. Will you or won't you reveal the…


Temple of SOPHIA: The Mystery of the Madonna - Immaculate Conception

Revelation: Perhaps the glorious Divine Being that Mary met when she was 12 years old in Nazareth - as that young girl who said YES to the Revelation was her…


Temple of SOPHIA: The Choice Point

As the Work continues (as 'any' work) - we have to ask ourselves a rock bottom honest question... Am I genuinely saying YES to this?...and if its a No..…


Wanting To Open Beyond The Glass Doors

Anaiya and Pete ask the question - does Sacred Body Awakening appeal to Men?



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