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21-Day "NO MORE!" Yoga Cleanse


GBP £ 55.00

21-Day "NO MORE!" Yoga Cleanse


Join Me as we extract ourselves from constantly 'checking' the latest updates, opening horrendous video footage that shocks and shatters our nerves and from reading the most appalling comments between people.  Surely it is time, to discard this toxicity, and step away into our 'actual' real world, and to come to ground and turn more toward the natural world as we strengthen our resolve, get clear, discover what is actually true and lasting, and turn this corner into something real and much more wholesome. 

We so long for the much-needed wisdom of the Goddess through our Yoga Practise. During these daily practises, we can really examine our relationship to the essential and listen to her medicine that will make sense at a time like this. May she bring the greatest thunderbolt of lightning to our awareness, as we align with her fully and say - No More News, No More Social Media, as take a mental detox and extraction from the World Stage!

Our commitment is to quit - for now, all social media, all news channels, all toxic TV and to close down all the ways this energy may attempt to reach us.  Instead, we place in our hands, a good old-fashioned pen and paper,  a paintbrush, or trowel and get to work, on that which we have been most procrastinating over.  Combined with the extra energy from our gatherings, the surplus of time, the boost of endorphins - you will become a different person - and that is something I can guarantee you. 

The world we once knew is not returning. We are heading towards a new and unknown future. Take this time for you to make sure that we can fully partake in what is now happening. To help one another stay AWAKE, Calm, Clear and to be able to bring through what is needed. 

There will be movement, breath, dance, touch and prayer, but also giving ourselves the much needed time to go deep inside, individually and as a circle of friends. ALL the work will be centralised around one thing - recreating ourselves 'the other side' of the agenda. Once extracted - beauty, peace and clarity will return. 



All classes will be live and recorded. When you sign up, you will be given the link to the live class and then sent the recording afterwards. The classes will be 90 mins long and include movement, dance, breath-work, embodied prayer and ritual (with oils). You will also be sent the playlist, suggested homework and perhaps the odd transmission or two.


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