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21 Day Sexual Rewiring


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21 Day Sexual Rewiring

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Starts May 16 07:00 AM CET
then daily until June 6, 2019 CET

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21 Day Sexual Rewiring

Join me for 21-days as we rewire our sexual pathways.  During this time of experimentation and discovery we shall refrain from orgasm and ejaculation, yet keep the sexual fire alive.  This is not a time of passivity, but passion, joy and abundant good health.  Learning to recycle sexual energy, as we free ourselves from the chains of shame, guilt and compromise.  For 21 days we will throw everything into the pot:

  • daily Kundalini Yoga
  • Sexuality classes
  • breathwork
  • deep journeys into the sexual anatomy and corresponding centres in the brain
  • nutrition
  • and journaling.

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