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Dreaming in the New World


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Dreaming in the New World

Dreaming in the New World

Join me this Saturday morning for a 90-min Yoga Class based upon Dreaming In The New World. Both as a LIVE class and REPLAY - for 90 mins, we will go deep, so deep we enter the marrow of our bones as we converse with the Power That Absolutely Is - the understanding, wisdom and willingness to change at the deepest possible levels. Raking through our history, looking our bloodline in the mirror and taking into account our own shortcomings, we will RISE, as we the Dream In the New World on behalf of our children.

Someone somewhere has to take account, to acknowledge and feel the correction settle in our bones. This is what I will be proposing on Saturday, during this paramount Easter Weekend.

Dreaming In The New World consists of movement, stories, prayer, dance and transmission. By generating our life essence, devotion, compassion and sovereignty, we can dream awake every part of society anew.

For 90 mins, we will be mostly following a Malika Yoga practise, as we gather, generate and gestate the seeds and ground for the New Birth. You will receive your replay, playlist and links to the things I may mention.


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