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Welcoming The Great Conjunction Ambrosial Yoga & Transmission


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Welcoming The Great Conjunction Ambrosial Yoga & Transmission

Welcoming The Great Conjunction Ambrosial Yoga & Transmission

For decades, astrologers and stargazers around the world looked forward as well as dreaded the arrival of the year 2020. While some prophesized disaster, others identified the year as the dawning of a new era. However, it is the “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn right on the Winter Solstice, the ancient birthday of the gods of light that prophesies the long-awaited Age of Aquarius. What better way than to get up before dawn to welcome in this most dramatic grand finale in a time known as the 'Ambrosial Hours'.

During this time together we will create a candlelight space, where we will make deep contact with ourselves and our place in the natural world, as part of this glorious planet.  We will usher in this dawn of the Aquarian Age, and how that translates for us in this time. And most importantly, to discover inspirational wisdom within ourselves as this gateway opens. This mornings gathering is a time for scribbling, moving, breathing, praying and discovering the deepest wisdom within the body.

This yoga, dance, anointing & prayer practice aims to reload our system in just 90 minutes. The central concept is to pay attention to our body's impulses and move according to them.

We begin at 5 am - 6.30am for the Yoga part.

Then at 7 am we will rejoin for a Transmission.  Perhaps during the 30 minutes you could enter into the deepest and most expansive rest and relaxation ever as you sink into the somatic texture and terrain of the body for a deep reset and inspirational overhaul, just in time for Winter Solstice - The Great Conjunction of this herstorical year!

This class will be live and recorded. When you sign up, you will be given the link to the live class and then sent the recording afterwards.


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