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15-Day 'Coming Out Of Lockdown' Body Medicine


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15-Day 'Coming Out Of Lockdown' Body Medicine

15-Day 'Coming Out Of Lockdown' Body Medicine

Join Anaiya for this LIVE and recorded 15-day sensual, yogic, dance medicine. These 15-days together are to cultivate centring, intelligence, union and vital presence to the reality of what is playing out around us. To move, dance and pray our way back into contact with our body, mind and the leadership we carry inside of us. There is a spark of pure presence deep within, that is readying itself for our complete embodiment. This is what this RITUAL is in honour of - locating the spark, communing with the spark and embodying the spark. And that spark is our known and intended upon - Divinity.

It is time dearest friends, to move out to this Lockdown - and start to edge into and toward something far more expansive! Feel into WHO you need to BECOME as you move out of Lockdown and integrate once again in the NEW WORLD.

These 15-days is a Ritual, a Vision-Quest that prepares the ground for which we shall stand. To maturely, with great authority, drop into our bodies for wisdom, intuitive insight and eventual steadfast action... as an antidote to the crisis we are in. If this is what you want - a moment to regroup, recalibrate and come to terms with what we are living through - then here we go...

Join Anaiya for this LIVE and recorded 15-day sensual, yogic, dance medicine. Every morning we will drop into the feminine essence with minimal instruction and maximum intuition. Anaiya will gently guide you toward that place that moves freely, with instinct and preverbal gesture. Learn how to drop beneath your own radar while moving, dare to embody the goddess and bring through her movement. These classes will be lucid, intuitive and immensely freeing. They will contain prayer, breath, movement and storytelling. These classes will be Live and Recorded and sent out to you via email. There will be a group form where we can post insights and flashes of wisdom.


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