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Vigil with the Dark Goddess


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Vigil with the Dark Goddess

Vigil with the Dark Goddess

Join Me for a 15-day Vigil with the Dark Goddess, as we weave the much-needed wisdom of the Dark Goddess through our Yoga Practise. During these daily vigils, we can really examine our relationship to the essential and listen and recognise the stories of the Dark Goddess. Her medicine will make sense at a time like this, and bring the greatest thunderbolt of lightning to our awareness. 

The world we knew will never be the same again; we are heading towards a new and unknown future. Take this time for you to make sure that we can fully partake in what is now happening. To help one another stay AWAKE, Calm, Clear and to be able to bring through what is needed. Take her stories in, pass them on to the people who may be even more afraid. 

There will be movement, breath, dance, touch and prayer, but also giving ourselves the much needed time to go deep inside, individually and as a circle of friends. ALL the work will be centralised around one thing - the part of us that was born ready for this, and the part of us that may be afraid.

Every day a different Goddess will bring her medicine. All the stories of the Dark Goddess have a set of circumstances - that are EXACTLY like the ones we face now. The Dark Goddess sets forth conditions like this to serve the Coming of the Thunder, the adamantine force, that is needed to shatter, and dispel the illusions, fear-mongering and chaos. Many people, and invisible friends, are working out of sight, just under the radar, bringing an unprecedented expose. Let us hold a vigil to this.  

I personally intend to bring the deepest kindness, connection, humility and faith. Using the story to inspire, awaken, invigorate and catalyse.  

All classes will be live and recorded. When you sign up, you will be given the link to the live class and then sent the recording afterwards. The classes will be 90 mins long and include movement, dance, breath-work, embodied prayer and ritual (with oils). You will also be sent the playlist, suggested homework and perhaps the odd transmission or two.


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