The (G)odysseyThe (G)odyssey: Awakening to the Heroine’s Journey

GBP £ 333.00

The (G)odyssey: Awakening to the Heroine’s Journey

Receive all Zoom Talks and all Transmissions - Full 10 Week Online Course - starting October 10, 2019

The (G)odyssey: Awakening to the Heroine’s Journey

Starts October 10 - runs until December 12!

In The Beginning…

Join Anaiya on a 9-week (G)odyssey to heal the deep wounding of our feminine nature in search for wholeness. The Heroine's Journey is a woman's mythical quest, which includes detailed mapping of the Underworld.

Based on The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock, Anaiya reveals her own way through the process and the many recognisable trails and initiations along the way. This journey together is to track and navigate the process that we shall all at some stage undergo. This includes the descent into the underworld, the healing of the mother/daughter split, spiritual aridity and the complete obliteration of romantic love.

Sound familiar?

Starts 10/10 until 12/12...

The (G)odyssey program:

The (G)odyssey is an Oral Teaching which includes 9 transmissions, weekly online (and recorded) calls, suggested reading material, practices, and PDF Manuals.


GBP £ 144.00

The (G)odyssey: 10 Week Course - Zoom Calls Only

Receive All Transmissions Only - starting October 10, 2019

  • Week 1: The Journey Begins. Separation from the Feminine. Rejected/Abandoned by Mother. Going your own way.
  • Week 2: Identification with the Masculine. Father’s daughters. Gathering Allies. Patriarchy Puppet.
  • Week 3: The Road of Trials. The initiation begins. Karma catches up.
  • Week 4: The Illusion of Success. At what price? How much of yourself have you given away?
  • Week 5: Spiritual Betrayal: Betrayal by the Masculine. Obliteration of Romantic Love. Betrayal by God.
  • Week 6: Descent into the Underworld. Mother/Daughter Mysteries. Descent of Inanna. Meeting the Dark Mother.
  • Week 7: This is my Body. Reconnecting with the Feminine. Grieving the Separation. Beginning to Rise.
  • Week 8: Healing the Mother/Daughter Split. Reclaiming the Power of the Fierce Feminine. Un-mothered Daughters.
  • Week 9: Birth of the Inner Masculine. Healing the Wounded Masculine. Boundaries, Integrity, Accountability. Sacred Marriage.

Every week you will be invited to the LIVE CALL, and we will provide you with recorded audio along with some suggested practises the following day.


Some participants from different time-zones or with conflicts in their schedules may be unable to attend the live weekly sessions. Please note that you will still get the utmost satisfaction from this course as you will have access to all the weekly recordings and weekly materials and assignments to review at your convenience. We encourage you to practice the reflective periods on your own as you choose through contemplation and journaling, or in discussions with friends or family.


Even if they miss the first live class, your friends can catch up with the recording and still join you on the journey!

We're so looking forward to our journey together!

The (G)odyssey
Individual Transmissions

 How can we accept and welcome men when our own masculine principle is wounded? Part of this Journey is the manifestation of a genuine and restored masculine principle. This stage…


Feminine/Woman/Yoni: The Sound of these Word's can make women (people) feel sick and uneasy...Why?  Because they carry the Shame of being born a Girl. There is an extreme…


 It is important, really important for women to know that they can survive without dependence on parents or others so that she can express her heart, mind, body and soul. …


The Heroine’s Journey is based on the experience of fathers’ daughters who have idealized, identified with, and allied themselves closely with their fathers or the dominant masculine culture. This comes…



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