From the Blossoming Women Webinar Series. In this one Marya meets with Anayia Sophia. Because of a technical problem in the beginning, please forward to 6min 44s.


Womb Album

A deeply penetrating conscious journey through the seven sexual gates of a woman. By entering this timeless space the physic doors of an initiation begins... Spoken words whispered by Anaiya…


Sacred Relationships

The core mystery of this era is the birth of the Divine Human. A being that has fused together within them all the opposites: light and dark, body and soul, transcendent and immanent, masculine and feminine. By reintegrating Wisdom into relationship, a fully awakened couple is born.


Sacred Sexual Union

by Anaiya Sophia Sacred Sexual Union, also known as Hieros Gamos or the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber is a term that is generally used to refer to the sacred…


Sacred Union Album

Experience the sacred vows of Love being spoken by Anaiya Sophia and Luc Tibor.  These timeless words, wrapped in sincere and earnest desire, unlocks the primordial archetypal forces required…


The Rose Knight - ePUB ebook

Out of the heavens came She, the Holy Sophia, the Mother of all Creation. Forsaking Her divinity, She falls to Earth and some things that should not be forgotten became lost.


The Rose Knight - Signed Print Edition

Order your own copy of The Rose Knight printed book, personally signedby Anaiya! In the Beginning… Out of the heavens came She, the Holy Sophia, the Mother of all Creation.…


Wounds of Love Album

Spoken words whispered by Anaiya Sophia as she guides you through the guardians and archetypes of the collective shared wounds of distrust and fear between the genders.


Womb Wisdom - the book

In the past and in present-day indigenous traditions, women have known that the womb houses the greatest power a woman possesses: the power to create on all levels. Utilized in…


Open Your Heart with Kundalini Yoga

Purchase print editionfrom Lulu:£14.99 Click here Purchase ebook editionfrom Lulu:£2.99 Click here By Anaiya Sophia (writing as Siri Datta)  This lively and down-to-earth book will take you…


Pilgrimage of Love

by Anaiya Sophia A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak and finding "The One" Does “The One” truly exist? This is the question that Scarlett O'Shea attempts to answer in this passionate,…



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