The Gospel of Mary

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The Gospel of Mary

Receive 5 Selected Gospel of Mary Transmissions for this coming Easter

As Easter Approaches...

About Anaiya Sophia

I have never shared this before... Back in 2015 I started to speak what felt like the memories, not only of Mary Magdalene, but many other eye witness accounts of that time including Veronica and John the Baptist. This infusion of energy tied in with my journey to Israel and my pilgrimage to as many Mary sites as possible. I was, and still am, rather reluctant to say I was 'channelling' but rather prefer to use the term 'allowing' the spirit to come through me. And this spirit, I call the Feminine Christ, made up at that time of the female disciples that initiated the Christed Teachings on Earth.

Today, as Easter approaches ... I lift my head, heart and soul to the sun and say...

"Yes. I Spoke".

This journey was taken with a companion, who would whisper to me at the end of the day.... please tell me another story.

And I did. And we would both cry, because of Grace.

Here are those stories….I thought this would be a perfect way to approach Easter:

  • Birth of a Mary
  • The Anointed One
  • The Sacred Kiss
  • Veronica's Veil
  • Resurrected One

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The Gospel of Mary

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The Gospel of Mary

This series of transmissions are 'living memories' from the Christ that touch and re-awaken frequencies within your own soul that are connected to the Christ and your role/gift to birth in this lifetime.

Gospel of Mary
Individual Transmissions

Bloodline of the Holy Sophia

The Bloodline of the Holy Sophia is a transmission from Her living spirit. The Gnostics believe that the Holy Sophia herself came to earth and gave birth to a female…


Embodying the Sacred Prostitute

In ancient Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece, there were no brothels. Instead there were Temples of the Sacred Prostitutes inhabited by holy women who embodied love, owned their sexuality, and held the highest spiritual authority.


Meeting the Mystical Mary

The Black Madonna is the Mystic aspect of the Great Mother. She is the queen of the dark void, queen of the shadow, queen of the dark night and queen…


Meeting the Virgin Mary

Mother Mary is the Virgin aspect of the Great Mother. She embodies the most unimaginably heroic, passionate, forceful power that no amount of humiliation, oppression, tragedy or historical defeat could…


Resurrected One

In this transmission we go on a journey to the time and place when Mary the Magdalene was drawn to Yeshua’s tomb three days after this death. In this transmission…


Veronica's Veil

In this transmission we go on a journey to the time and place when Veronica wiped the face of Yeshua as he fell - known as the sixth station of…


Annointed One

In this transmission we go on a journey to the time and place when Mary the Magdalene anointed Yeshua just days before his crucifixion. In this transmission we will come…


Receiving the Grail

In this transmission we go on a journey to the ‘original’ moment when the Grail came to earth through the embodiment of Zoe, the Holy Sophia’s daughter (as known as…


The Sacred Kiss

In this transmission we go on a journey to the Last Supper, and our own participation there. After the Last Supper, Yeshua brings us and all his other disciples to…


Invoking the One

On Mary Magdalene's Feast Day (22nd July) we shall be calling forth our beloved. We shall not only call forth on this day, but also anoint his/her arrival and entry…


Birth of a Mary

Mary Magdalene began her ministry after a very profound and fully consious catalysing event. Historically this was known as the Stoning of Mary - an event that birthed a turning…


Meeting the Tantric Mary

In my experience ‘Mary’ in all of her aspects is the fullness of the Great Divine Mother.  It is no surprise that the Christed story contains these three aspects…



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