Grace Amidst the Chaos

Grace Amidst the Chaos is a series of transmissions that are ripe for this moment in the build-up to 2020.

Their intention is to beautifully heal the cracks in our energy field, particularly the emotional body of feelings and fogginess such as doubt, lostness, apathy, indifference, defeat, etc.

Grace Amidst the Chaos
Individual Transmissions

In Times of Apathy

This transmission speaks to our apathy, our tiredness and brokenness.  With words that do not seek to change or motivate, but rather console and comfort, this transmission will anoint…


In Times of Outrage

This transmission embraces all your outrage, all your anger and all your frustration and recycles it completely – bestowing upon you unlimited reserves as you face the front line of…


In Times of Lostness

This transmission is the sacred gateway to and through the dark, cold, emptiness of feeling lost. Here is a sacred space where you will be guided by the Light…


In Times of Doubt

Beloved Friends, let this transmission soothe us during these times of doubt, and uncertain news. This comforting medicine will bring welcome relief to any confusion and anxiety we may…



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