The Mary Path

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The Mary Path - Full 9 Week Online Course
The Mysteries (secrets) of Mary Magdalene, contains the ancient bloodline of Christ and the true heritage of the Holy Grail which leads us to discover Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Black Madonna in ways we couldn't possibly imagine.
This is an Oral Teaching that cannot and must not be written down.

There is an ancient matriarchal lineage, a gene that gets passed from mother to daughter since the beginning of time, that takes us back to the very first woman, and forward to who we are now. This feminine bloodline is sometimes called Star Fire. And has connections with the Holy Grail as a chalice of MARY (not Yeshua) made from one of the star's of SOPHIA'S crown, how the Blood and the Chalice are always inseparable, and how every Grail Keeper has always been female.

Let's begin with imagining

  • Mary Magdalene as being a descendant of the Queen of Sheba/Hatshepsut (female pharaoh) and King Solomon.
  • Mother Mary as being the Mother of more than one child, whose descendants are of a "Dragon" bloodline.
  • And finally, the Black Madonna as being Queen of the Underworld, the holder of the transfiguration process. 

Now, we are getting somewhere...Towards the end of the day, a 'template' will be given - an energetic gift from the Mary's. 
One question you might want to ask yourself before joining is: Am I ready to face and stand for the truth? Could the living descendants of this bloodline live amongst us, and if so, do they know it? What happened to those who walked with the Mary's and received gnosis and slid under the radar - what if we are/were one of them? Would we do anything differently? Once we receive this transmission - there is no going back.

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