The Mary Path

The Mary Path - Full 9 Week Online Course

GBP £ 144.00

Starts November, 5th, 2018 at 9 pm

Join Anaiya on a 9-week journey to embody and awaken the Mary Path of Christ Consciousness.  Rediscover Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mother and the Black Madonna in ways that you could never imagine.

The Mary Path is an Oral Teaching includes the 9 Mary Path Transmissions, weekly online calls and suggested practices and PDF Manuals.

It is very difficult to pick the right words to define what I experienced during these last 9 weeks. It was a challenging journey that invited me to dive deep inside to a raw encounter with my very self, unravelling unexpected and beautiful transformation.  I felt very safe, supported and guided all along the journey in this very loving alchemical container that you beautifully created Anaiya. One question you might want to ask yourself before joining: Am I ready to face and stand in truth? Because once in there is no way back.


  • Week 1:  Discover the Mary Path.  Who were the Mary's?  What role did they play in the Christ Mysteries? Identify the Hallmarks of being on the Mary Path.  Discover an opportunity to identify, dissolve and release distorting myths that we've inherited from the church, revealing a far more multi-dimensional view and prepare the ground upon which a real and direct connection with them can occur.
  • Week 2:  Mary as Beloved. Discover the holy, erotic nature of the Magdalene and how she embodied the tantrik Mary
  • Week 3:  Sacred Gateways. Unveil the Feminine Mysteries of the Royal Path.  The awakening of the Sacred Body.
  • Week 4:  Mary as Madonna: Discover the real Virgin Light Power of the Madonna.  
  •  Week 5:  Immaculate Conception:  Explore how you can immaculately conceive. 
  • Week 6:  Mary as Black Virgin:  Discover the dark mother and the wrath of her dakini nature. 
  • Week 7:  Sacred Rage:  Realise how this is the essential sacred birthing force for this time.
  • Week 8:  Sacred Marriage: For you are the All, the Absolute and the Only. The Temple of Holy Love.
  • Week 9:  Birth of the Divine Human: This Time.  Right Here.  Right Now.  The invitation to BE As Above, So below.

Every week you will be invited to the LIVE CALL, and we will provide you with recorded audio along with some suggested practises the following day.


Some participants from different time-zones or with conflicts in their schedules may be unable to attend the live weekly sessions. Please note that you will still get the utmost satisfaction from this course as you will have access to all the weekly recordings and weekly materials and assignments to review at your convenience. We encourage you to practice the reflective periods on your own as you choose through contemplation and journaling, or in discussions with friends or family.


Even if they miss the first live class, your friends can catch up with the recording and still join you on the journey!

We're so looking forward to our journey together!


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