The Path of Sophia

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The Path of Sophia

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The Path of Sophia

The Rose Knight is read alongside this course

The Path of Sophia is the Gnostic story of how the feminine half of God fell to earth to save Her children and the deep epic journey She went on to regain Her own Divinity and return to the Godhead. In essence, Sophia's story is our own. Her journey through the darkness towards the Light is our own soulful longing to return home. Read more here.

In the Gnostic tradition, there are seven main archons (rulers) on earth that tempt and tease the soul into submission. We find similar references with the seven sins. The seven prayers within this series, are based upon the initaitions the Holy Sophia both experiemnced and embodied.  Once through the experience, these aspects of being became her own signatory essence.  Forsaking herself, she faithfully followed the truth of her heart, and reclaimed her divinity.

The Path of Sophia is a self - initiatory process. At the outset, you shall receive all the transmission recordings and reading material for the whole process. We shall arrange with you the dates on which you receive each of transmission. Then during the process,  you are encouraged to guide your own process, journal, self reflect and follow any other guidelines as laid out in the material.  All guidelines are designed to equip you in hosting your own initiatory journey and feel safe yet challenged within your own sacred space. If needed, Anaiya and her colleagues are available for extra attention via email or Skype but please note these would be a separate arrangement to your course and cost extra. 

The Seven Prayers are:

Holy Womb        Holy Voice        Holy Heart          Holy Mind         Holy Purpose        Holy Desire         Holy Communion


Using the tender, graceful anointment of Sophia's prayers, we shall call forth the Logos (Holy Spirit) to mercifully heal the trigger and emotional wound that allows the archons to work through us. This is the feminine way to God, the path of tenderness, softness and vulnerability.

The first transmission will be The Holy Bride - this is the initiation transmission that sets the foundational vessel for this journey. This next transmission would be the Holy Womb, which is intended to transmute all negative and contracted forces within the womb and your sexuality. Including all forms of sexual and childbirth trauma and all forms of toxic and co-dependant relationships.

Our scorching desire is to seed, create and manifest a "Holy Womb'. To heal once and for all our past mis-adventures, and to step up to the table in our all our glory and 'know' that our womb is clear, honored and powerfully loving.

Path of Sophia
Individual Transmissions

The Holy Bride

There is a need for a Divine Feminine influence and power of womanhood in the world today.  This transmission is one stream of consciousness among many proclaiming the Mother…


Holy Purpose

The Holy Purpose prayer is an initiation into clear seeing and unquestionable clarity of being. Arriving at the Altar of Mercy we offer our lostness, scatteredness, chaotic movements, inconsistency, erratic…


Holy Mind

The Holy Mind prayer is an initiation into Truth and loyalty to that Truth. Arriving at the Altar of Mercy we offer our fears, confusion, doubts, worries, fragmentation,multiple aspects, duality,…


Holy Communion (Bridal Chamber Ritual)

The Holy Sophia is the "Wisdom" within you that arouses the desire to pray. Her innate wisdom 'that knows' that it is only the Nameless One (God at the height…


Holy Desire

The Holy Desire prayer is an initiation to ignite the flames of the Holy Trinity (Womb, Heart and Soul) in honour of our victorious atonement with The Logos/God.  Arriving…


Holy Heart

The Holy Heart prayer is an initiation into surrender and humility. Arriving at the Altar of Mercy we offer our broken hearts, tears,  fears, worries, pains, grief, sorrows and loneliness…


Holy Voice

Using this second August Full Moon to work with the throat, our expression and our desire to commit to 100% truth, always. This time we will be using the Sophian…


Holy Womb

This first transmission is intended to transmute all negative and contracted forces within the womb and your sexuality.  Including all forms of sexual and childbirth trauma and all forms…



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