Return of the King Ritual

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Return of the King Ritual

Winter Solstice

Return of the King Ritual

Winter Solstice Ritual

This Ritual prepares us for the Return of the King.  Winter Solstice is the time of the year when the Son/Sun returns, and for this we shall hold a vigil for the Divine Masculine to walk the face of this earth.   We are living through a time as the patriarchal tendencies in men (and women) wither and die. Our men don't know who they are, or who to turn to. Their exterior world brings little comfort. Some of them have sacked and burnt their nearest and dearest - leaving only a trail of devastation in their wake.

How do we keep the Grail of Love blazing during these times?  We hold a vigil.

Hold a vision of him, as you know him to be. Hold his heart, in your own, gazing your love into his closed and disillusioned eyes. He is going to die before us... are we capable of seeing this? He may be mean and cruel as he clings hopelessly to false power. Can you hold this? He may lash out or withdraw - can we bear this?

This ritual reveals how to hold a vigil and to pray feverishly for the resurrection.  We may be called to stay by his side as he comes to death. An image of the man, dimmed before the breaking of his world. And we will linger on in darkness and in doubt.... and then, just as we feel we shall suffer the same fate.... He opens his eyes... And there is love there. Shining and gleaming from the depth of his soul.

Truth is - Nothing is certain. But it's worth it. Love is always worth it.


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