Sacred Wounds

Sacred Wounds


The Sacred Wound series started to come to me during Easter 2018. I believe that is because I carried a Sacred Wound, and finally, after all of these years – it had been healed. I held within me the wound of the High Priestess,  which comes with this tremendous guilt and the incessant drive “to make everything spiritually right this time’. A ‘Sacred Wound” is caused by a spiritual trauma that often involves some form of betrayal. A betrayal always involves a broken trust. The deeper the trust, the deeper the betrayal—and the deeper the wound. The deeper the wound, the greater the blessing.  This series of transmissions shall include The Fallen, Angel, High Priestess, Magdalene Wound, Sacred Prostitute, Angelic Wound, Reptile Wound, Jesus Wound, Judas Wound, E.T Wound, Priestess Wound and Twin Flame Wound.

In order to heal, we have to feel.  These wounds beckon us to the very fabric of that spiritual act of terror, a place we could easily spend our whole life avoiding. I know where this place is, and I believe I could guide you there.  There is a huge blessing waiting for you there.  That I can assure you…

I believe if we are blessed, we shall get to occasionally glimpse and feel the existential sorrow threaded throughout the soul. It seems there is a pasture that we often find ourselves in, where we find the rabbit hole that takes us down deep into the beautiful travesties of our lives. We get to witness fleeting phantoms of our own self, sometimes in the guise of an exiled priestess, tortured martyr, misunderstood E.T, fallen angel or excommunicated truth-teller. 

I often wonder why these streams of consciousness wander through our realm, and why they seem to be more widespread than ever before? 

For a start, I don't believe they are reflections of past lives. But rather, representatives of the previous races that have cross-pollinated with us. And they appear within us, to bring us that news. Because if we can know and communicate with these light contributions to our own existence, not as a past life, but as a race-assisted donor - then a) We may see the bigger picture, b) we re-connect to our sacred origins and c) this daft idea that we are separate and really important individuals turns to dust as the Truth comes into view...  

Sacred Wounds
Individual Transmissions

Extra-Terrestrial Wound

The Extra-Terrestrial Wound carries a synthetic resonance of not being fully part of the human race. There is a feeling that we carry a genetic modification within our DNA that is…


Wounded Warrior

The Wounded Warrior is the battle-weary soldier who refuses to ask for help. He carries his war-torn memories and daily physic bombardment in his body, not allowing anyone to come…


Twin Flame Wound

The Twin Flame Wound is either a) the feeling that you have already met your Twin Flame, but failed miserably. Or, b) you are not destined to meet your Twin…


Magdalene Wound

The Magdalene Wound carries the fear and anguish of the Beloved being torn from you. There is this incessant dread that should you meet the Beloved, it is only a…


Prophet(ess) Wound

If you are one, or you have met one – then this transmission is for you. The Wound of the Prophetess is to fear being silenced, or that your…


Sacred Prostitute

If you are one, or you have met one – then this transmission is for you. The Wound of the Sacred Prostitute is to be always in service and never…


Priest(ess) Wound

If you are one, or you have met one – then this transmission is for you. The Wound of the Priest(ess) is the fear of persecution.  The religious/pagan…


Fallen Angel

If you are one, or you have met one – then this transmission is for you. The Wound of the Fallen Angel is the inability to trust or surrender to…



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