Teardrops of Grief

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Teardrops of Grief

Teardrops of Grief

According to Tibetan Buddhism there are always 14 Lament Vove’s upon the planet. They are usually the most unseen, unloved, unhealthy and avoided people imaginable. Their agreement is to take on the immense suffering of the world, both personal and collective knowing their bodies and faces will show the signs of their service. When they die they are seen by God as a frozen teardrop drifting listlessly with no direction and are brought immediately to His heart. Slowly, slowly, slowly this little frozen teardrop thaws in a way that gently melts the sorrow without causing any more harm.

This ritual is for those of us who recognise the story and require a safe space to do this work. This level of work would serve as a Grief Ritual, the releasing of internal pain where an unrestrained, emotional expression of sadness and tears can flow freely.


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