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Coming Events
with Anaiya

June 2015
June 2015:
Sacred Tours: Exploring Magdalene/Cathar France - AmmaRosa
June 2015:
Sacred Sexual Arts - AmmaRosa, Southern France
June 2015:
Sacred Sexual Union, Eindhoven, Holland
July 2015
July 2015:
Sacred Tours: Exploring Magdalene/Cathar France - AmmaRosa
July 2015:
Embodying Your Erotic Divinity - AmmaRosa, Southern France

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Anaiya - Sacred Sexuality and Womb Blessing Transmission

Interview with Victoria Vives

NAKED: The Dialogues - Simon Paul Sutton and Anaiya Sophia

Ahhhh its hilarious. What does it mean to be Naked? Oh blimey the camera gets a bit low at times....EEeK!

Sacred Sexual Arts: Mystery Teachings of Sacred, Sexual Love

Experience the ecstatic reunion of your body, mind, heart and soul in the safe, sacred sanctuary of Anaiya Sophia’s home in Sacred France.

This retreat will be dedicated to an initiation process into the revival of the Sacred Arts, the Mystery Teachings of Mary Magdalene, and the ones who came before her who knew the ‘ways’ of opening the body and heart to the fullness of life, both inner and outer.

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Embodying Your Erotic Divinity

with Anaiya Sophia

The Path of Sexual Holiness

This is a week-long retreat for Women Only and is held in Sacred France, the region of Mary Magdalene and the mysterious Cathar’s.

This week is devoted to her teachings of embodying ecstasy, and how we as women, can serve one another to maintain that level of Sexual Holiness in accordance to the Temple Mysteries.  These seven days together will drop us deeply into the body in ways that we have previously never, ever known…. Unless of course – we remember.

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NEW! Personal Sessions with Anaiya Sophia

Utilizing the Gnostic Wisdom of the Mystical Paths & the Shamanic tools used for the retrieval of your luminous self; I’ll support you in discovering the clarity required to administer change and healing.

For Individuals

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For Couples

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AmmaRosa: The House of Sophia




Come join us at AmmaRosa - our rustic 5-bedroom cottage perched on a hillside overlooking the medieval Troubadour Chateau of Puivert, the perfect home base for your next exploration of the sacred and mysterious Cathar region in Southern France!

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New! Guided Transmissions spoken by Anaiya Sophia

A transmission is the passing of a mystical light frequency, an oral teaching, enveloped with word (Logos) and wisdom (Sophia) that creates a profound healing state of revelation within...

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