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Join Anaiya on a 9-week journey to embody and awaken the Mary Mysteries of Christ Consciousness.  Rediscover Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mother and the Black Madonna in ways that you could never imagine.

Includes weekly Audio Calls, Transmissions and Practices.

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I’ve connected with Anaiya Sophia of Southern France, and she is the pioneering sister who holds the privilege of teaching and embodying Divine Sexuality beyond Tantra. She is birthing New Paradigm Relationships and the Awakening of the Sacred Body through touch. Anaiya teaches the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness from the tradition of Mary Magdalene. She is a mystic of great wisdom, and now my friend.

I plan to work with Anaiya and her beloved Pete next year. I met them both during a call in mid-February. She is the first teacher I have been drawn to study and work with in quite some time. She invites me to look deeply at myself and what I bring to the table of loving and living.​

Caroline Muir - author of
A Memoir of Sexual Awakening and Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving

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The Mary Mysteries: 40 days and 40 nights March 1st - April13th
Available globally online

F**K Romance:  Daring to go Deeper.  Sacred Marriage 20th March 2017 - 21st June, 2017
Available globally online

Dark Origins: Darkness Retreat and Sacred Tea Ceremony 28th - 30th April, 2017
Shekinashram, Glastonbury, UK

Grail Trail:  An Inner & Outer Journey 12th - 19th May, 2017, Occitania, Southern France
Grail Trail:  An Inner & Outer Journey 30th June - 7th July, 2017, Occitania, Southern France
Grail Trail:  An Inner & Outer Journey 7th - 13th August, 2017, Occitania, Southern France
Grail Trail:  An Inner & Outer Journey 7th - 14th September, 2017, Occitania, Southern France
Sacred Body Awakening: Return of the Temple - Facilitator Training 18th - 25th September, 2017, Occitania, Southern France
Grail Trail:  An Inner & Outer Journey 7th - 14th October 2017, Occitania, Southern France

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Who is Lilith​?

​Dive into the depth of her story, and make that story your own. Watch this amazing interview​ with Julianne Reynolds, Romanski Films. ​


Anja Miraclewalker Sagan interviews Anaiya Sophia

Can our sexual nature have a divine purpose to it? Could it be that all we have come to believe about the true nature of sexuality has been obscured by dogmatic beliefs that have vilified it - where it was…


Simon on the Sofa with Anaiya Sophia and Pete Wilson

A transparent conversation on transparency, sacred spaces, sexuality, the divine, raw immaculate truth, how to know when a women wants a man to drop deeper into his truth, healing our sex and voice and their interconnectedness, sacred rage, cats and more.......

We enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too.









Shakti Malan talks with Anaiya about releasing old sexual patterning, coming home to your body of bliss and living your full power as embodiment of the Feminine.


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Sacred Relationships

Sacred Relationships

The Practice of Intimate Erotic Love

by Anaiya Sophia and Padma Aon Prakasha

This workbook explains how to reactivate your primal sexual expression, ignite the process of Sacred Marriage, and connect the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within each of us. The authors offer exercises to deepen your connection with the Divine and develop a loving connection with yourself, with your partner, and with the world around.


Womb Illumination with Shona Keeli Jones & Anaiya Sophia

Shona and Anaiya discuss the ancient Temple Practise of "Taking The War Out Of Man” and how we as women must bravely step into the art of 'taking the whore out of each other'. The Mystery Teachings of the Temple…


Listen to Dr Jeanine Staples with Anaiya Sophia
as they discuss the Holy Wounds of Love:  The Initiation of Christ Consciousness


HER Re-Membering of the Temple... The Blood Mysteries


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The Urban Priestess Interview with Sianna Sherman

Occitania: Our Home of Sophia








Come join us at Occitania - our rustic 5-bedroom cottage perched on a hillside overlooking the medieval Troubadour Chateau of Puivert, the perfect home base for your next exploration of the sacred and mysterious Cathar region in Southern France!

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