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I’ve connected with Anaiya Sophia of Southern France, and she is the pioneering sister who holds the privilege of teaching and embodying Divine Sexuality beyond Tantra. She is birthing New Paradigm Relationships and the Awakening of the Sacred Body through touch. Anaiya teaches the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness from the tradition of Mary Magdalene. She is a mystic of great wisdom, and now my friend.

I plan to work with Anaiya and her beloved Pete next year. I met them both during a call in mid-February. She is the first teacher I have been drawn to study and work with in quite some time. She invites me to look deeply at myself and what I bring to the table of loving and living.​

Caroline Muir - author of
A Memoir of Sexual Awakening and Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving

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Sacred Body Awakening July 30-31, 2016
Athens, Greece

Sacred Tours: Exploring Magdalene/Cathar France August 9-16, 2016
Puivert, Southern France

Cave-to-Cave Mixed Group August 9-16, 2016
Pyrenean France

Sacred Union:  The Alchemy of Love August 19-26, 2016
Southern France

Sacred Body Awakening September 6th-13th, 2016
Southern France

Sacred Marriage Ceremony - 3 Months 22nd September - 22nd December
Spit & Sawdust October 13-16, 2016
Montreal, Canada

Sacred Body Awakening October 13-16, 2016
Montreal, Canada

Sacred Union:  The Alchemy of Love October 22-23, 2016
Ottawa, Canada

Sacred Union:  The Alchemy of Love October 29-30, 2016
Montreal, Canada

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Entering the Wisdom of Women’s Sexual Cycles

The Sacred Wild Feminine is Cyclical in her nature. Return to the wisdom of your sexual rhythms! My friend Shakti Malan together with Keriesa Botha will teach you how to do this. Check out their 9-week initiation into the wisdom of women’s menstrual cycles and our sexual essence as women. I will be featured on it - so I'll see you there!

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Womb Illumination Webinar - starts July 4

Join Anaiya online with Shona Keeli Jones

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The Urban Priestess Interview with Sianna Sherman

The Soulmate Within Summit

with Shakti Malan

My friend Shakti Malan offered an amazing online program called the Soulmate Within Course all about igniting your inner love affair and opening the way for a sizzlingly alive relationship with another. Pete Wilson and I were interviewed for this and we enjoyed every second of this wild and exciting subject

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Experience the ecstatic reunion of your body, mind, heart and soul.

This is a full body initiation process into the revival of the Sacred Arts, the Mystery Teachings of Mary Magdalene, and the ones who came before her who knew the ‘ways’ of opening the body and heart to the fullness of life, both inner and outer.

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Occitania: Our Home of Sophia








Come join us at Occitania - our rustic 5-bedroom cottage perched on a hillside overlooking the medieval Troubadour Chateau of Puivert, the perfect home base for your next exploration of the sacred and mysterious Cathar region in Southern France!

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The Sacred and the Sexual are NOT separate.

How to embrace your sexuality, redefine your power and set yourself and your gifts free. This FREE interview series was created by my friend and colleague, Anahita Joon Tehrani. Anahita has gathered the most formidable teachers and guides in the realm of sacred sexuality, personal empowerment, mysticism, creative expression, embodiment, ancient practices, leadership, and women's wellness to give you tools, tips, and practices that are essential for the evolving human.

I am honored to be part of this panel of experts. It's FREE and so timely, please join me. Our interview will be on May 29th and will run straight into your inbox, and then it's done. So make sure to sign up now.


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By reintegrating Truth and Wisdom into relationship, a fully awakened couple is born.

Divine Courage is a rich resource of mystical feminine wisdom and transcendent masculine consciousness that births a practical, realistic path to bring women and men together as One. Within the core of all Sacred Unions we discover the true kernel of lasting transformation. Within the Sacred Love of woman and the Palpable Presence of man lives a resource that can activate the forces designed for the complete transfiguration from Human to Divine.

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An Apology

Beloved Friends,

I would like to honour Padma Aon Prakasha as being the one who initiated the birth of Anaiya Sophia – an aspect of the person I am today.

Anaiya is the one who works to invoke the Mystery of the Awakening Feminine, and the quagmire she faces when she agrees to the retrieval of Her Purity. 

It is not an easy path to take.  One is exposed to her nature, totally.

During the early years of formation I did some things that I wish to atone for. In my desperation to survive and to stay close to the Christ Lineage I was slowly being exposed too, I copy and pasted 125 pages of material from Padma Aon’s books, The Power of Shakti, The Nine Eyes of Light, and his online Course Sex, Soul and God.

I included this material in my workshops, courses and talks about the Seven Gates, Ma’at, Sex, Soul and God, and The Ten Bodies. I put this work into my own Carriers of the Flame facilitator training, without acknowledgment, recompense or ethical permission from Padma.  

I did not want to die alongside our divorce; I wanted to make something good and holy come out of this dreadful descent.  I wanted to survive, and continue to share the mysteries of the female initiation into the Christed Path, and the preparation that I believed was necessary to experience the grace of Sacred Marriage.

And so I spoke my story, and included some of his own.

Now seven years later, I wish to bring to Light, for final release this simple truth – Anaiya Sophia was born to live through and beyond a certain darkness.  She is the interface of my true soul’s essence and the outside world. Through Padma, she was born.  Only Anaiya Sophia could interact with him. She carried, birthed and raised a child of purity.  This child is who I am now…. And in these early stages I am not even sure what, and who this is/may become.

To compensate for my earlier error – I have agreed to reimburse Padma £10,000 and to extend this action of Goodwill, by asking him to co-write Sacred Relationships (Inner Traditions, Feb 2017) with me, upon which he has accepted. 

As you can imagine beloved friends, we have been through so much, and are most qualified to share upon this subject. Forgiveness is the 2nd most powerful force in existence, behind love. Padma and I have learned this deeply, and despite the serious nature of this dispute – our Love for one another lives on…