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Anaiya Reads Chapter One from The Rose Knight

The Rose Knight, by Aniaya Sophia

In the Beginning…

Out of the heavens came She, the Holy Sophia, the Mother of all Creation. Forsaking Her divinity, She falls to Earth and some things that should not be forgotten became lost. Awaiting Her is a growing abomination: a powerful Dark Lord attempting to control the world and enslave the divine spark of humanity forever.


Lonely, broken and blind to her own divinity, modern-day Sophia is found living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. With a one-way ticket to the south of France, she walks into a series of events that ferociously forces her to remember who she really is. With her self esteem shattered from an abusive relationship, it isn’t easy for Sophia to believe that she is actually the Queen of Heaven. In fact, it all seems like a horrible joke. As the seconds tick, Sophia discovers the true identity of the Dark Lord, the desperate situation humanity is facing, and how she is the One She sent to save them.

“The Rose Knight takes readers on a journey of epic proportions. Part One reads like a lost Bible Canon, while Part Two dives into a reality that hits very close to home. The Rose Knight grabs you by the heart and simply won’t let go until you finish. Anaiya’s storytelling transports you into another mystical dimension, one that demands your undivided attention.”
—Heather Strang
author of The Quest series

“A powerful storyteller with a passionate imagination, Anaiya Sophia ignites a gentle yet effulgent light as she guides the reader through her words in a journey of discovery. The Rose Knight is a fantastical meeting of ‘Sophia’ in our modern-day.”
—Rosamonde Miller

“Wow, beautiful on all levels and delighted with this retelling with such passion and sensuality the story of Pistis Sophia. Anaiya Sophia has brought forth a truly inspired work and revelation. I am convinced this is how these ancient stories reawaken through the drapery of the times in which we live. Woman and man’s experience now is much more vast and possible which makes the relevance of myths of origin and story telling through the voice of the primordial Mother and Ancient Father so imperative. Anaiya's words and performance I might add come from this place of deep integrity so near and dear to my heart as well. Anaiya reveals in kind that truth above all must also be beautiful for we humans are a work art and the children born from the gnosis of the Christus/Sophia. Well done indeed. ”
—Leigh J McCloskey, a​rtist, actor, author, visual philosopher.
Founder of Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance (OFFER)

“The Rose Knight by Anaiya Sophia is presented as a novel, although the imaginary characters exist. Anaiya says the book was inspired during one helluva dark night of the soul. As you read this book, you will see, feel, and know that Sophia’s story is your story, our story – everyone's story. Anaiya is much loved in our region of Languedoc, indeed, she could be a manifestation of Mary Magdalene herself, she cares for everyone, she shines with life and good-humour, and she is easy to love.”
—Val Wineyard, Mary Magdalene Books

“The Rose Knight took me by complete surprise. From the opening lines, I was mesmerized by my own story. I recognized myself on every page, paragraph, word... for God’s sake, I recognized myself in the ink and the paper! You have to understand that I’m also a spiritual writer. Reading the books of others usually brings out my critical, editorial side – but The Rose Knight is so Divinely Inspired and so lovingly, beautifully written my writer’s critic was silent.

“This fantastic novel that is anything but tells the creation tale we all take for granted from the perspective of the Divine Feminine. I had no idea how much I needed to know our story from the perspective of Wisdom instead of Power. Reading our HERstory smashed my already bruised and broken worldview into a gazillion pieces, thank God, because our old, unbalanced ideas need to go.

The Rose Knight is cosmic in scope, and also very human. Anaiya Sophia has an astonishing knack for illuminating the unity within duality, the sacred within the ordinary, the beauty behind the ugliness…and often within the same turn of phrase!

“This is not a book so much as it is a joy-ride, an experience of heavenly wind in your hair, a fore-taste of Eden’s return…but I don’t want to give it away. EXPERIENCE THIS BOOK.”

—Libby Bratzler Maxey, Author and Editor at Creative Writer

"The Rose Knight is a living experience of the journey of Pistis Sophia. I was graced to read the entireity of the gnostic gospel several years ago, and experienced the works as a transformative infusion of light that recodes every cell. The author, Anaiya, realised that she was living the journey, and has graced us all by sharing from her hear and soul, every nuance of her experiences, that we may know and live it too.

"The story is mystical, mysterious, beautiful, vulnerable, feminine, heartfelt and (at times) raw. I felt a transmission through each part of reading the journey shared in her book, as though every tiny twist of pain from the original separation was bathed in an incredible pool of love. The Rose Knight is a story to cherish.

"The words flow like exquisite poetry, cascading and wrapping around you, like a cloak from the divine mother.

Expect to emerge with a different perspective and in a different space emotionally, mentally and spiritually that where you were at the start of the book!"

—Sarah Sheikh, Top 1000 Reviewer



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Sacred Sexual Union, also known as Hieros Gamos or the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber, is a term that is generally used to refer to the sacred marriage between two divinities, or a human being and God, or between two human beings; it is the ultimate alchemy of forces, which harmonize polar opposites, dissolving all duality.

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