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After the Path of Awakening comes the Path of Descent, to galvanize and transmute the world with wise, holy and sacred action

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Coming Events
with Anaiya

February 2015
February 2015:
Sacred Sexual Union, Glastonbury UK, February 2015
April 2015
April 2015:
Easter Sacred Tours: Exploring Cathar France - AmmaRosa, April 2-7, 2015
April 2015:
Writers Retreat - AmmaRosa, Southern France
April 2015:
Sacred Sexual Union, Belgium, April 2015
May 2015
May 2015:
Sacred Sexual Union, Wicklow, Ireland, May 2015

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Sacred Sexual Union - the Tantric Path to the Beloved

Sacred Sexual Union is a gathering for all the Warrior Midwives out there being birthed through the alchemy of Sacred Relationship.

Hieros Gamos or the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber is a term that WAS once used to refer to an ancient rite that culminated in an ecstatic 'altered state' between Priest and Priestess as they sexually merged into the ecstatic palpable reality of God.

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New! Guided Activations spoken by Anaiya Sophia

An activation is the passing of a light transmission, an oral teaching, enveloped with word (Logos) and wisdom (Sophia)

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NEW! Personal Sessions with Anaiya Sophia

After teaching, reading and writing for many years, I learned the art of listening behind people's stories for the archetypal themes and messages woven into their sacred lives and especially within the arena of sexuality and relationship. 

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Utilizing the Gnostic Wisdom of the Mystical Paths & the Shamanic tools used for the retrieval of your luminous self; I’ll support you in discovering the clarity required to administer change and healing

You talk. I listen...

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The Masculine Seven Gates: From Sexual War Lord to Ecstatic Grail King

This is a self - initiatory process. At the outset, you shall receive all the transmission recordings and reading material for the whole process. We shall arrange with you the dates on which you receive each of transmission. Then during the process,  you are encouraged to guide your own process, journal, self reflect and follow any other guidelines as laid out in the material.  All guidelines are designed to equip...

Register for Sacred Sexual Union Facilitator Training

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£ 160.00

Carriers of the Flame Sacred Sexual Union 2015 Facilitator Training

 Sacred Sexual Union, also known as Hieros Gamos or the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber is a term that is generally used to refer to the sacred marriage between two divinities, or a human being and God, or between two human beings; it is the ultimate alchemy of forces which harmonize polar opposites, dissolving all duality and birthing the New Paradigm. 

This nine-month initiatory journey is based upon the Christed threefold flame of Love, Power and Wisdom, an authentic and deeply rooted process that prepares you on every level to go out and share this work.

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Writers Retreats with Anaiya

Have you been ignoring your impulse to write?  Do you know there is a book inside of you waiting patiently for you to begin?  Are you being torn apart by other distractions wishing for the time and place to begin? Well perhaps this now is now.

Work with Anaiya Sophia during this weeklong writers retreat to ignite your inspiration and BIRTH the process of writing your book in this mystical feminine region of Southern France.

AmmaRosa: The House of Sophia




Come join us at AmmaRosa - our rustic 5-bedroom cottage perched on a hillside overlooking the medieval Troubadour Chateau of Puivert, the perfect home base for your next exploration of the sacred and mysterious Cathar region in Southern France!

Receive All the Seven Gates Transmissions in Online Course format with Anaiya

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£ 144.00

The Seven Gates

The Seven Gates Journey is not only a series of "Sexual Healing's" but also a psychological emotional re-balancing within the psyche. This series of transmissions smoothes out any internal distortions that are connected with sex and your personal relationship with it, as well as your behaviours towards the opposite sex. Distorted sexuality left unchecked can lead to deep psychological issues that not only have a terrible effect on your relationships,...

Register for the Pathway of the Beloved

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Pathway of the Beloved Online Course

"Our sorrows and our wounds are only healed when we touch them with forgiveness"

This is an on-line course that runs for forty days, which is based on the exact same practice that was used in the book, Pilgrimage of Love.  

The course is broken into five parts:

  • Part One - Sexual Healing
  • Part Two - Emotional Healing
  • Part Three - Resistance to Love 
  • Part Four - Womb: Keeper of Contracts
  • Part Five - Core Soul Injuries
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Register for the Wounds of Love Online Course - 5 Weeks, 5 Wounds of Love Transmissions - plus online support from Anaiya

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£ 144.00

Wounds of Love Online Course

These transmission develop the awareness of the holographic nature of the initiatory path of Sacred Union, and the ways that we can prepare to take on such a journey.  These transmissions are based upon the threefold flame of sexuality, emotionality and soulfulness (Power, Love and Wisdom).  Combined with the ten light body transmissions (Wisdom) and seven sacred sexuality transmissions (Power), the five Wounds of Love transmissions (Love) completes the ignition of the hologram. When all 22 Transmissions are received (10+5+7=22) all aspects of your being would have been felt into, retrieved and reconnected.

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