Dance of the Dakini

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Receive all 3 Dance of the Dakini Transmissions

Dance of the Dakini

This series of transmissions are emanating from the realm of the Dakini’s, the great tantric priestesses who seek the darkness, illusion and suffering on purpose, so they may eat it with vigor and wild abandon.

Loving the Hell out of the World

This transmission is for the entire world. In this age when history itself is on fire, in this time of the convulsion of the beast, of the final dance of…


Loving the Hell Out of Yourself

This is the sacred offering from the Dark Mother whose time has come. The Election of Donald Trump, Standing Rock, the Genocide of Animals and a large chunk of nature…


Loving the Hell out of the Other

This transmission is more for your Nemesis.  The One you love to hate. That person who tampers with your Achilles heel, the thorn in your side, the one who…



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