Entering the Interior Castle

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Entering the Interior Castle

6 Week Online Course

The Paraclete: The Coming of the World Mother

Join me for a seven-day spiritual journey through the seven mansions of St. Teresa of Ávila’s Interior Castle as we prepare for the Coming INCARNATION of the World Mother The Interior Castle, or The Mansions, was written by Teresa of Ávila, the Spanish Carmelite nun and famed mystic, in 1577, as a guide for spiritual development through service and prayer.

We shall use this time as we approach the time of the Penetcost to reflect upon the Coming of the World Mother. Many of us, all over the world, can feel this enormous sense of Renaissance. I am so moved by this, that I am being urged to “Light the Beacons” up at Montsgeur on the Summer Solstice to Herald The Great Return! I shall not only build a Bonfire, but proclaim the Solar Temple as Mystery School once again.

There is an understanding that ‘another’ Advocate is coming. The Comforter will be an incarnation of the Holy Spirit as Jesus was of the Spirit of Christ. As Cosmic Mother She holds a superior position, far beyond the conception of a finite mind, and it will no more be possible for us to understand Her character and functions than if She represented the Creator Himself. It is on that account that Jesus said that the Comforter, when She comes, would not speak of Herself.

Let’s just re-read that again. It is stated (even in the Bible) and other Christian Texts, not to mention just about every wisdom filled book, that an INCARNATION of the World Mother is Coming.

But She will not proclaim Herself…

Let us use these seven days to take this Interior Journey together to prepare for Her arrival.

Experience Teresa of Ávila’s Interior Castle as an embodied pathway of union in this union – can we sense Her?

Deepen awareness of the “inner witness” through life experiences and contemplative practice – with this awareness, can we commune with Her?

Be inspired to see God in all things, to find hope and love even amidst suffering – what counsel does She give in these moments of darkness?

For seven Consectiuve days we will enter the Interior Castle, to Prepare for the Coming of the World Mother

  • THE First Mansions – Vocal PRAYER

  • THE Second Mansions – Discursive/Affective Prayer

  • THE Third Mansions – Active – Passive Recollection

  • THE Fourth Mansions – Prayer of Quiet

  • THE Fifth Mansions Prayer of Simple Union

  • THE Sixth Mansions – Ecstacies and raptures, locutions and visions

  • THE Seventh Mansions … SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE

There will be a group space, recordings, posts and sharings



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