Fierce Fierce Feminine

Fierce Fierce Feminine

It is time for us to listen to and respond to the call of the Fierce, Fierce Feminine. The feminine principle in both men and women needs to be given the permission and power to speak up and wield the sword of discernment. This is the moment when we act from our wisdom, cutting through denial and illusion with an authority that is unruly and loving.

Anaiya has currently just finished writing a book on this material, and so this week will be a fresh and explorative journey into this awakening possibility.  During this workshop Anaiya will guide us to the places on the inside and outside to be given our permission to Speak Up and Speak Out.

This retreat is open to Men and Women.  Expect to hear about sexual and spiritual predators, false teachings and teachers, how to pull the plug on abusive partners and the mechanics of narcissism and psychopaths.  It's going to wild, and graceful.

NOTE… this workshop shall not only end but ground in itself in LOVE. Subjects include Sacred Rage, Authentic Voice, Sovereign Sexuality, Sorrows of the World (tales of what is really going on behind closed doors), Accountability, Restoring Our Intuition and the how the Fierce Feminine could guide us through our collective "Dark Night".

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Fierce Feminine
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Many years ago, a wild shaman whispered in my ear, “Nature shall remember Her own”. I shuddered, knowing and not knowing what he meant.  In that moment he connected…



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