Part Two: Logos

The long-awaited next chapter of Anaiya Sophia's mystical ground-breaking trilogy!

“Anaiya Sophia has done it again! Her The Rose Knight and The Grail King books are extraordinary journeys of mysticism and magical storytelling of the Sophia and Logos lineages. You'll not only learn much about the sacred lands that these stories take place in, but you'll be also step into your own awakening to greater levels of truth and innerstanding about the world we now inhabit. A magical must-read for any awakened being on the path of Light!

Dr. Heather Kristian Strang
Metaphysical Psychologist & Bestselling Author

In a race against time, from the beginning of it all in the World that created our own, to our world of Now: the perilous task of freeing Sophia from the insidious clutches of the most potent clandestine organisation to ever walk the planet...

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The Oratory of Holy Wisdom

Dearest Friends,

Where to begin with this ever-growing body of work that retrieves and makes whole the personification of Sacred Wisdom? I suggest you start with a 12-month pass granting access to all past and forthcoming Transmissions, Talks, Online Classes and Oral Wisdom Recordings within that period for a one-time payment of £144, or a One Month pass for £33.


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15th - 22nd of August

Les Contes, Southern France

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Join Aletheia and other like-minded souls for a week-long training programme in Sacred Body Deepening with Aletheia Sophia in her home in Southern France.

Sacred Body Deepening is the next chapter emerging from this lineage to shape our consciousness and reorient our creativity and ability to love, trust and hold steady to the coordinates of truth.

This Somanautic gathering is dedicated to exploring inner space. Together, we will uncover hidden layers of ourselves by unwrapping the layers of veils placed over us.

Join Aletheia for these upcoming talks, online workshops and transmissions:

Opening The Feminine Paths To Divine Depths - 2 Day Online Workshop
Saturday, October 5th, 2024
10 AM CET Worldwide

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Next 4 Upcoming Events with Aletheia

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Sacred Body Deepening Facilitator Training - August 2024

15th - 22nd of August

Les Contes, Southern France

Facilitator training with Aletheia! All Genders! Sacred Body Awakening is a continuum that keeps on going, changing slowly over time, and is cohesive with evolution. This somatic, deep, slow process opens us to the revelation of a profound natural ability in our body where we discover that movement is the message and messenger from our ancient past and near future. Our body contains the Hall of Records, and some of us, remember how to access them.


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Sacred Body Deepening 3 Day Workshop - Prague, Czech Republic

Deposit payments are non-refundable

On September 13-15, 2024, in the heart of magical Prague, there will be a gathering of women who will dive deeply, with their whole body and soul, into the teachings in the lineage of Mary Magdalene. Come and immerse yourself with us. You will experience deep intimacy, trust and belonging through gentle, sacred touch and somatic movement. Together, we pave the way and open ourselves to the infinite love that restores trust not only among women, but in the whole of society.

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Upcoming Community Event with Aletheia

Wisdom of the Forest

Summit starts:  July 22

Join me July 22nd for a FREE extraordinary day of Ceremony & Oracular Transmissions from the forest! On this special day, we will honor the trees as Grail Keepers of the holiest wisdom! The trees are calling us all together to receive Healing Wisdom, Divine Medicine & Holy Magic to help Humanity build a better world.

Join me along with 10 powerful New Earth Leaders as we bring through oracular transmissions and channeled messages from the trees like the Druids in the days of olde, and also wish to celebrate the majesty of life with us through Sacred Storytelling, Mystical Conversations, Divine Transmissions, and Music!

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