Over 330 Transmissions...

All this work is spiralling from the Feminine Christ Path, with an intention for the unfolding to happen within the body through the active support of the sensory awareness and intelligence of the emotions and soul.


GBP £144

Mystery School

Receive 12 months access to all past and forthcoming Transmissions and Activations for a one time payment of £144.

These transmissions contain the Oral Teachings of the Mary's Path.  They exist only to connect you with the Light-continuum (of the Father-Mother) and the Light-presence (Son) and the Light-power (Holy…


To receive this transformational process, all you need to do is simply sit in meditation or lie down open to receive at 7:45pm on an evening of your choice, WHEREVER…


After the Transmission, it is best to stay quiet and internal, as the transmission will be integrating deeper into your bodymind soul and nervous system. The quieter and more internal…



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