'Ephphatha' - Be Opened

...is what He said. A short, sharp Aramaic utterance filled with emotion welled from Christ's depths, commanding our essence to its vastness and surrender. There was no choice in moments like that; choicelessly, we opened like flowers to the sun as an unshameable celebration stirred our immortal souls.

I have seen miracle upon miracle of people remembering, opening, trusting, and loving with this magnitude the world over. It is truly instant. Like an apostolic wildfire, everyone becomes enraptured by their knowing and humbled by their gratitude for never forgetting.

In the creation of Sacred Body Awakening with its nine constellations for men, women and children, I again witnessed the power of Ephphatha. This pristine practice, inspired by the feminine essence of Christ working through us on this earth, was never meant to be a 'visitor' but a continuous indwelling presence upon which our whole life is recalibrated and established.

Movement is my Mother tongue, and the Awakening of the Sacred Body is my legacy. In this practice, we experience receptivity, intimacy, trust, organisation, expression, wisdom and other forms of communication through movement. Our psychophysical geography and history help us discover where we are in this body and how we got here. Exploring these processes through embodied movement opens a path to natural, effortless fluency. Revisiting the birth of our creation—remembering ourselves — brings us into the ongoing dance of existence.⁠ We go back to the past, in the present, for the sake of the future.

Sacred Body Deepening is the next chapter emerging from this lineage to shape our consciousness and reorient our creativity and ability to love, trust and hold steady to the coordinates of truth. This Somanautic gathering is dedicated to exploring inner space. Together, we will uncover hidden layers of ourselves by unwrapping the layers of veils placed over us.

No longer is this practice a beautiful experience that may or may not cross your path. Now, the Sacred Body yearns to be given and received the world over as we step fully into the realm where all this beauty and light is streaming from.

We are paving the way, one person at a time, to open to a tremendous and palpable love that restores our trust in thriving communities and fills our families with resources and happiness.

And so, Sacred Body Deepening:  Opening the Feminine Paths to Divine Depths is being born. It is an enriching continuum that restores the body, opening the heart to unfathomable encounters as you emerge dewy-eyed at being open to your original surrender.

Be ready for another nine constellations, a self-intimacy practice, and the awareness of an ever-expanding knowledge of self, life, and reality.

Sacred Body Awakening was to rewire; Sacred Body Deepening is to Switch on!