On this day Venus, our shining star of love and beauty, comes up from her retrograde journey. She carries treasure from her descent. She is deeply changed. This is the catalysing moment to honour, draw from and embody the wisdom retrieved from our 40-day descent of the soul. During the last six weeks, we have been in the Underworld, coming to know and face our dark twin sister. Surely you noticed this? The extreme fears of mandatory vaccination, the warzone - that has become our streets, the apocalyptic threat of extinction or perhaps, the bizarre tension in your relationships? 

Now is the time to move and dance those influences out of our system and back into the grace and faith that you know that you carry. This body-based day together is to cultivate the centring, intelligence, union and exceptional wisdom we received in this historical meeting. There is no going back, there is no normal life to return to. We are creating day-by-day a new way of being here. Sensual Body Awakening is just that - awakening a new form of sensuality, which feeds and informs our leadership and creativity.

It is absolutely the moment to remember and rise as Priestess, Oracle, Healer, Mystic and Guide. Yet, many of us are hiding from that. During this potent planetary alignment, midway of the twin eclipses - let's explore the three main paths that lay before us: Red, White and Black, and how many of us need to embody all three.

The Red Path - is Sacred Sexuality & Shakti, The White Path - is Soul Redemption and Prayer and the Black Path is Death and Ritual. 

 The people, your people are hungry to receive your medicine. Let today be our turning point. This day will be interactive, experiential, and as close as we can get to an in-person gathering. By the end of the day, you will know which path is beckoning you, and perhaps, the readiness to say - YES!

During these last days, NEW nights and understandings have risen, new material, new practises and new avenues to explore.

This class will be lucid, intuitive and immensely clarifying. It will contain prayer, breath, movement and storytelling. It will be in three sessions, with an opening and closing sharing circle.

 This recorded workshop is a merging of Sensual Body Awakening and Priestess Blessing, sent out to you via email.