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Cathar Prophecy

The Cathar Prophecy: Opening The Book Of Love


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The Cathar Prophecy: Opening The Book Of Love

The Cathar Prophecy: Opening The Book Of Love

There is a Cathar Prophecy that was spoken by the last known Parfait, Guilhem Belibaste, moments before he was interrogated and burnt at the stake in the Occitan region of Southern France, on the 24th of August at 8 am, 1321. This prophecy spoke of how 'we shall return again, in 700 years when the laurel turns green'. That was 699 years ago. 2021 will be the fulfilment of that prophecy - and this gathering is to come together not to learn anything, but to remember - everything. 

Many have been called to this region,  and many more will follow.  You will just know if you are one of these people.  The local people say it was Mary Magdalene that brought the 'spirit' to Gaul (France) all those years ago, along with John the Beloved, the two of them transmitted the heavenly message of  Love, Grace and Truth. It is said that the people of Occitania, were in a constant state of celebration, they never wore shoes, and the light of a thousand suns shone in their eyes.  The mountains and meadows soaked up this merriment, this heavenly cheer and held its transmission in the land. This region is calling you now - and this day together is to Remember, Prepare and Baptise again - into the Way of Love. 

During this day I will tell you stories of the Cathars, I will rekindle the memory of their simple lives, their gentle beliefs, their lightfooted ways and the generosity they found in nature.  I will reveal the 3-stage initiation process to become a parfait and the overwhelming memory of the Consolamentum - the laying of hands ritual that summoned the full grace of the Holy Spirit to invoke forgiveness and reconciliation.  

I remind you of the Holy Mountain, the summit at Soularac, where Esclarmonde ascended with the Holy Grail.  A place so pure, so sacred, that only the essence of your soul can abide there - all debris falls to its knees in prostration to the Light of the World.   At the summit, I will read some words from the Book of Love,  just like we used to. 

This day together will be a pure transmission, experiential and culminating in a self-baptism (if you feel to). Taking our inspiration from Thecla, we will submerge ourselves into The Way/Church of Love, just as she did. 


Divinely beautiful you came into my world, you are the lifter of my head and now my heart will follow. 


A one-day online experience with Anaiya - 11 am - 5 pm. 


Morning Session 11 am - 1 pm 

Afternoon Session 2 - 4 pm 

Baptism  4 - 5  pm 


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