Fierce Feminine Rising
Fierce Feminine Rising

Heal from Predatory Relationships and Recenter Your Personal Power

A guide for embodying the courage of the Fierce Feminine, or Dark Mother, to heal yourself and the world at large

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  • Describes how to embody the Sacred Rage of the Fierce Feminine and channel the universal outrage collectively rising in many of us to seek justice for those who can't defend themselves
  • Details constructive energetic and spiritual practices to help heal from predatory relationships and traumatic experiences, recenter your personal power, and gain control of your Sacred Rage rather than allowing it to control you
  • Explains how to gain access to primordial female wisdom within the brain, embrace your Inner Kali, and personally deal with sorrow and anger

After millennia of suppression, the Fierce Feminine, or Dark Mother, is making a dramatic resurgence to express our universal outrage. She is rising collectively now, and many women—and men—are feeling a welling up of Sacred Rage inside, a calling to set things right in our own lives and seek justice for those who can't defend themselves.

Offering much-needed perspective, advice, and tools for channeling the righteous energy and Sacred Rage of the Divine Feminine, Anaiya Sophia explains how to distinguish the Fierce Feminine from personal anger and reveals how it is not a feminist movement set to publically condemn all that is masculine, but a collective spiritual uprising for the greater good of humanity. She shares constructive practices drawn from Eastern tradition to help you embody the courage of the Fierce Feminine to heal from predatory relationships and traumatic experiences, recenter your personal power, and gain control of your Sacred Rage rather than allowing it to control you. She details sacred sexuality exercises, including those with a yoni egg to clear the womb after love-making and dispel any energetic imprint left by an ex-partner. She provides instructions to gain access to the primordial wisdom within the untapped portion of the female brain, embrace your Inner Kali, and personally deal with sorrow and anger.

Through this passionate step-by-step guide to comfort your spiritual anguish and dispel the helplessness of not knowing what to do, Anaiya Sophia encourages those who feel the call of the Fierce Feminine to embrace their sacred mission and allow it to rebalance the powers that govern the planet, as well as harmonize our minds. When we allow the justice of the Fierce Feminine to flow within us, we each become an active participant in the embodiment of change.

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Never has such a book been so necessary or so timely for an endangered species–humanity. Our planet and all life on Earth are in peril. Why? Because we have fallen under the illusion of a set of values that have nothing to do with the truth. We have separated ourselves from nature, from our intuition, and from trusting our own hearts, allowing ourselves to be carried away on a current of patriarchal values that pretend they are for our own good. Now the voice of truth is screaming to be heard, and if we do not listen, we will become extinct.
    In blazing terms, Anaiya Sophia describes the cultural overlay of misogynistic beliefs that have etched damaging patterns into our view of who we are. As a species, we are sick. We have fouled our own backyards, we kill without remorse, and we are infused with false beliefs that lead to a continual competition in and for everything–even love. The belief systems that haunt us have been seeded within us by what the author calls the Dark Agenda, a power of patriarchal control that completely and totally dismisses anything of feminine value. Patriarchal contamination is endemic; we have lost the ability to see the truth or to think for ourselves, thereby giving all of our power to the in-humane machine of greed and control that governs every aspect of our lives.
    As Anaiya Sophia speaks of the Dark Agenda and the blood cartel that dominate the world economy, we can see how they have pirated our very souls. Even the spirituality so many of us embrace is full of false and narcissistic teachers and harmful ideas that lead to feelings of entitlement or specialness–a type of separation that only divides us more, allowing the Dark Agenda to more easily conquer and control us. Will we continue to allow this small group of manipulators to lull us to sleep with their lies, carrying us into the oblivion of the unawakened? Will we allow the digital technology that has been thrust upon us to steal our spirituality, our sense of cooperation, our natural abundance, or our very souls? Or will we learn to listen to the inner voice that calls us to remember our connection to one another, leading us to expel the competitive vigilance for survival that pressures our every waking moment and tortures our dreams? Will we accept our own extinction, or will we allow the Fierce Feminine to flush the contamination of the patriarchy from our minds?  It takes courage to do the right thing, for as the author points out, by speaking the truth, we will be challenging the core beliefs of everyone around us.
    Explaining the falsities we have been fed by the Dark Agenda as spiritual truth, Anaiya Sophia exposes the lies by explaining just how such themes as "we are all one" and "it's all love" have deeper underlying meanings that must be faced and included for us to completely comprehend reality. She explains that we have been led to believe that we are facing the light, while we are actually searching for the light in abysmal darkness. But that does not mean light is not available; it is waiting for us to turn around and face it. We hold the real truth in our own hearts, and we can access it by listening to (not discounting) our intuition, for our intuition is aligned with nature and the larger cosmic reality.
    Calling for integrity, accountability, and honor, (and I would add transparency), the feminine force as described by Anaiya Sopha invites us to annihilate our shared enemy of the Dark Agenda through fierce love for ourselves, for each other, and for our planet. We can no longer keep pace with an artificial sense of time and duties that have nothing to do with the natural world. The journey we must take is daunting, but less so when we realize that the hurdles we must cross are in our mind. Anaiya Sophia provides a step-by-step guideline in the last of her thirteen (a potent energy I recognize in my own work) chapters for regaining our courage and choosing actions to clear us from past traumas and take the responsible and necessary steps to move forward into a balanced world. This may, perhaps, be one of the most important books ever written. It most certainly is a necessary read for all–women and men–who wish to deeply enter reality, change themselves, and help to create a better world.

–Pia Orleane, Ph.D., Author of Nautilus Gold Award Winning

Sacred Retreat–Using Natural Cycles to Recharge Your Life (Inner Traditions/Bear and Company)

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