Experience the sacred vows of Love being spoken by Anaiya Sophia and Luc Tibor.  These timeless words, wrapped in sincere and earnest desire, unlocks the primordial archetypal forces required for the more mystical gateways to open.  Allow yourself to become enchanted by this primal longing, as you listen to these profoundly penetrating heartfelt vows within your SEX, HEART and SOUL, thereby entering the state of Sacred Union. As you move through the threefold journey you will find yourself listening to the feminine voice of Anaiya and the masculine voice of Luc.  This alchemical fusion activates your own feminine/masculine energies, igniting a rapturous communion between your left/right brain that invokes the gate of Mystical Marriage to open.

These words are universal, originating from the language of the Soul. When you receive, when you really receive these words as if spoken by your beloved, you shall begin the inner alchemy that initiate's the Unio Mystica, the Mystical Union deep inside of you.

This work can be done by both couples and individuals. When working as an individual you imagine that the two voices are you own inner masculine and feminine principles.  When working as a couple, you imagine that this is the voice of your beloved. 

The CD includes 9 tracks:

  1. Sacred Union
  2. My Beloved King
  3. My Beloved Queen
  4. Sexuality/Power
  5. Sexuality/Power 2
  6. Heart/Love
  7. Heart/Love 2
  8. Soul/Wisdom
  9. Soul/Wisdom 2

Mixed and produced by Elwyn Lear. For more information contact, elwynlear@googlemail.com