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Seven Ministrations to the Soul


Seven Ministrations to the Soul

You are gathered here today not to listen to a speech, a presentation, or to enjoy a performance; you are invited here today to receive a Sermon, the divine grace of bringing Light through the Living Word. These Seven Sermons will be delivered by the voice of the Feminine, the same voice veiled for 2,000 years. Every age has its trial, and ours is upon us...

These sermons are for exhortation, strongly encouraging us to push forward on moral issues. To reach for the extra mile and to firmly root ourselves in Good. 

For seven Sundays, I will present Seven Ministrations to the Soul, a sermon coming from my deepest heart in the vein and direction of where I long to return to. What does it mean to deliver a sermon today, standing and speaking on behalf of something at a time when we are so sure we already have the answers. I don't know if I can do this, but I'm urged to.

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