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Holy Eucharist, as worded by Mary Magdalene

Five Seals of Holy Eucharist, as worded by Mary Magdalene.

The Holy Eucharist, or Bridal Chamber as it was known in Mary's time, is a ritual to unite with our Deific Double (divine other) before becoming one with the One. Being that it's Valentine's Day - let's acknowledge what this day really stands for...

Let your inner ears hear the voice of Truth through the Feminine Christ as you enter this well-known sacrament from a very different place, with a profoundly different intention. Language is everything, especially so, now at this time. These words of Truth are like seeds; they contain a fullness, a pregnancy of meaning and a dimension of relevance that comes later and becomes more apparent over time.

Thus, the five seals consist of the five actions mentioned in the rite of baptism   :

1. Receiving a robe of light

2. Baptism in the water of life

3. Enthronement on the throne of glory

4. Glorified in the glory of the Father

5. Snatched away (visionary ascent)


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