Listen to the Land Speak

£ 11.00 GBP

In person and/or files delivered after sessions.

Listen to the Land Speak

It's what we have always doneā€¦ taken strength, insight and wisdom from a deeply rooted connection to land and spirit and used it as the animating force in our lives. It's just what we do, or maybe, it feels more like - it's what we used to do!

Allow this transmission on the New Moon, the gateway into 2023, to burst into life this wisdom and reason why we must do this again.

The question now, as the feminine energy is rising, is - are we ready to take back this mantle and begin the process of awakening and reconnecting with our past, with who we are - our land, language and culture?

We should recognise the power of this land as a force of transformation. The mountains, lakes, deserts, seas, forests, and wells preserve more than just myths, bones, and memories. They are energy banks and time sponges, and what is held within them seeks release.

Find your sacred site. Visit this Solstice, and let the words of this transmission seep into your bones and into Her soil. I assure you there is a message awaiting your ears.