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Returning To God: Saturn's Second Return

The Saturn Return is a crossroads. If we live long enough, we may get three of them. Some of us get one. Some of us get none. The first Saturn Return happens around age 28. The second is 28 years later, around 56, and the third would be when we are 84. The Saturn Return is that time of life when you are called to dismantle and dissemble whatever has become useless, ineffective, dangerous, rotten, immature, pointless, or broken in your life. Whatever it is, it's holding you back.

Sometimes, (often actually) Saturn's reentry into our lives brings a tremendous upheaval as the great ominous weight of this planet insists on humility. A health crisis, divorce, bankruptcy, death and the beginnings of depression are the hallmarks of this great and mighty planet. It insists on Truth and course correction of the soul. The second Saturn Return leans into our spiritual maturity - and asks, 'have you really found your way?' And then tests you on it!

So, dear friends, if you would like a companion during this time, sign up here for some words of comfort, Truth, and accountability.