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Scrying Glass of Sophia: Twelve Holy Days

Today we tend to think of Christmas as a single-day or weekend event, whereas in most cultures of our ancient past, it was celebrated for at least twelve days. In ancient Rome, the Winter Solstice was welcomed with a joyous and unruly feast known as the Saturnalia. In Pagan times, their traditional twelve-day festival was declared a sacred season by the Church and became known as the Twelve Days of Christmas.

In other words - there is a Great Potency in these twelve days. These twelve days reveal the essence of the twelve months to come. The Scrying Glass of Sophia (Wisdom)

Historically, these twelve Days of Christmas do not reference the days leading up to Christmas but the 12 days following it.

Throughout our 12 Holy Days, we will experience how this period is one of deep esoteric significance: a time when the Divine Light is manifesting itself more fully in the world, building and building until it can effectively release its power at Epiphany. Many wondrous workings are possible on the interior plane at this time, and this inner work is the perfect preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism offered at Epiphany: the first, and some may say the most important of rites of initiation.

Simply put, all life is unified and connected. Let us remember how to observe, listen and remember.