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The Prodigal Daughter

The story of the prodigal son is the evolutionary map of humanity. The son who gets high on himself, wasting all his powers in greed, lust, self-absorption and the terrible narcissism that afflicts our culture, and burns totally out, realising that none of these things will work. And in desperation and heartbreak, he goes back to the source, back to the father, who is also a mother and finds not only is he 'not' going to be punished but that his experience has hollowed him out, making him ready to receive the true grace and the true generosity of the mercy of God.

We will re-map this tale through with the daughter's heart leading the way in this transmission for the sake of all people, as I sense this is where we are at - this moment of realising that all of our gains, fantasies and agendas are bankrupt and that there is only one thing that can help us go forward, and that is our humble return to divine grace, divine energy, divine passion. Returning to the Mother and Father empty-handed and sincerely ready to be refilled.