Wildfire Apostolic Wisdom of Humankind

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Wildfire Apostolic Wisdom of Humankind

I am issued from the lineage of SOPHIA, a self-proclaimed whore and virgin who came into this realm to emit Source Light to all living things. Mary Magdalene, a woman who anointed God, a Virgin woman full unto herself, a tower of faith. Norea, a secret pneumatic daughter of Eve, a powerful feminist icon who burned down Noah's Ark, defeated God and whose descendants will save humanity. Jezabel, whose sexual freedom was so fierce that it scared all the men of her time, so afraid were they that they had to rid the world of such an extreme. Even today, no one names their child after her. Sarah, the continuation of Christ, appointed her own twelve Celtic Christians on the Isle of Iona. Salome was even more feared and marginalized than Mary Magdalene—a woman intimately connected with the Eleusinian Mysteries, Priestess of the alchemical integration of opposites and the reclamation of the feminine. Hatshepsut, no greater Pharoah has Egypt ever known, Aust aka "Isis", who knew how to talk to the God of All to grant her access to the Words of Power and became the High Priestess of Magick, Nefertiti, through her devotion and her demand for respect, did something no other Queen of Egypt did - perform rituals equally with her husband, the Pharaoh. Scandalous and dangerous hussy, Cleopatra made Gods of her lovers. Anne Boleyn made a king a God by making sure he became a new pope - and lost her head; Elizabeth the First, a true woman unto herself and the greatest ruler England has ever had, Queen of Sheba, an impeccable seeker of truth and Wisdom, and revealer of the Bridal Chamber. Hadewijch, a 13th-century Beguine and mystic who knew divine love with an intensity of passion, scalding honesty, fierce sorrow and infinite exultation. Esclarmonde, High Priestess of the Cathar Faith, gave the Crusaders a run for their money, whose body was never found, yet presides over the skies as Holy Dove of the Pyrenees.

We stand in good company.